GeekLife: What to do?! HELP!

Well I’m pretty sure our daily readers have noticed the fact that we’re slower on articles than before, it’s taking some time to actually HAVE time to do this. Being the owner of the website I should be the one making lots of articles day in and day out, their’s also @TheVGAB who comes in to write great articles every time he has the chance, if you didn’t read them yet, his latest article —here— is a great way to start!

The problem right now is not the time, we’re in summer, and I didn’t take a job this year. The problem is with the internet at my place which is terrible, it doesn’t only affect articles, but it’s also affecting the videos I’m making too :(. Right now I couldn’t believe that the connection is good enough to work so I took the chance to apologize to everyone.

Anyway to make you readers have more articles to read even when I’m having these internet problems I’m offering you guys to be a part of GeekLife! Yes! If you like anything Geeky from games to mangas, make sure you email me, but first maybe read this too. Of course this is not a job (we don’t get anything out of writing articles but pride and joy of having them read). Also it would be great if you can do other stuff maybe? Well just contact me by email and we’ll see what we can do 😀 … You in?


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