Geek Life: Cartoon Reviews – The Pink Panther

A show that is in the back of people’s minds, but when mentioned gets all the praise it deserves. Pink Panther was one of those cartoons that broke the molds for cartoons. The cartoons began as an opening and closing for every Pink Panther movie to date and got its own show later on (the Movies are great too if you want my opinion on those). This was one of the first classic style cartoons I know of that both used the new technology of technicolor to its advantage and followed the day by day antics of two enemies. Many other cartoons at the time would take characters and have the environments they’re put in affect who they are, but Pink Panther does the opposite. The Pink Panther and Clouseau are always constant in their characters and the environment actually changes around them. Their famous painting cartoon explains it all. Everyone should at least find this familiar from the Dexter’s Laboratory remake of this cartoon. Clouseau was trying to paint a room blue, but of course that smooth crafty Panther was ready to drive him insane by painting his blue over with Pink. Not only did this show great use of color to emphasize the winner and loser of the fight, but also it well establishes the rivalry and character between the Panther and the Inspector.


The show is simple, it follows a smooth, jazzy Panther who just hangs out around France and Inspector Clouseau is there to try to capture him. A similar idea came from Tom and Jerry and more recently The Warner Bros. and Warner Sister (Animaniacs), but it’s the two characters personality that makes the show. Also, the antics and trouble these two characters get into are incredibly funny and unique. The Panther is good at linking events and making traps to counter that of Clouseau who just can’t win. Neither are the hero or the villain, they both just have a song and dance they play every episode. The simplicity of this show brought it every where. It proved you can have a consistent formula and never grow tired of it. The show went to many places doing the same song and dance and it never lost its charm.


So there’s not really much to say on the main characters of this show. They aren’t really protagonists or antagonists. Whether Clouseau is the hero or the Panther is entirely up to the imagination of the viewer. The Panther is that smooth, jazzy, and cool guy who shows incredible resourcefulness. While the Inspector is a little obsessive, a man comparable to Capt. Ahab and Moby Dick. He doesn’t really think before he acts and his plans and traps always get overturned because of it.


Watching them fight is just good entertainment, the use of color and environment were extremely creative to show what was happening with no need of dialogue of any kind. It’s all about visual representations the really gets the viewers interested in what’s gonna happen next. The show will always show the surroundings before events will happen so the viewer will predict what will happen and see if their right. This show also has no limits to where it went, one episode can be in a simple room while others can be in space or on top of a mountain. It’s one of the cornerstones of Classic Animation and every fan of animation should see the Pink Panther cartoons one way or another. Thank you for reading and your support, I hope you’ll check out my videos on game analyses and more on my youtube channel:


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