GeekLife: Talking Pikmin

Nintendo is a company that takes different looks at everything in the industry, they always happen to do the opposite of what the industry thinks is the best to show that different is better. Consoles and handhelds aside, the topic I’m talking about is just like any other crazy idea Nintendo did and made it great!

Some people are familiar with Pikmin, and I recommend playing Pikmin 3 if you haven’t. Pikmin was a pretty fun game, and being different makes the experience a lot better! I played Pikmin 2 and kept gazing at every aspect in it, yes it is an RTS, but damn dude! The idea utilized is so darn strange that I forgot every other RTS game I ever played, maybe doesn’t have the thrill of killing in Dota, or the good feeling of destroying the base of other players alone like in  Command & Conquer, but having the different feel to it gives you a new feeling.

Pikmin holding apples

Pikmin 2 steps up from Pikmin 1’s storyline where Captain Olimar leaves the planet he fell in, only to find that Louie (another character in the game) made a horrible mistake and the company is falling down with debts, but as they find out that resources are worth more than an entire year of money they make (resources such as batteries, bottle tops…), captain Olimar decides to go with Louie to get these resources and pay off the debts. Of course that is only the storyline of course, just like any other awesome Nintendo games, the gameplay is where it really shines so read ahead!

Pikmin being devoured

At the start of everyday in-game you need to take your Pikmin from the onion shaped house and start gathering resources, each resource needs a certain number or more of Pikmin to hold it, some are used to pay off the debts, and others are used to breed more Pikmin. That doesn’t stop there as you have different types of Pikmin defined by their colour and now in Pikmin 3 their traits too. You can consider red pikmin as your own… ummm, your own little warriors, purple ones are heavy and strong, if you’re holding an item that needs 15 Pikmin, just one of the purple ones counts as 10. Nevertheless although you will breed lots of Pikmin as the game progresses, but when attacking monsters they might die, when in water they might die (according to type), some are powerful against this enemy and some are even better against the others, if you choose the wring type of Pikmin a monster might beat like 70 of them with one hit.

Now that the in-game day is coming to an end, you need to get back to your little base, put back Pikmin into the onion and rocket just to fly away, but if you happen to forget a Pikmin behind, you’ll be treated to a sad scene where the lonely Pikmin is cold and afraid, just one moment more and they are devoured by the monsters.

Pikmin to onionPikmin 3 was already released in Europe and Japan, and releasing tomorrow in North America, I’m still kind of saving for a Wii U (and this will be my first game for it), have fun everyone. Thanks for reading, until next time…



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