GeekLife: Enjoying Sleeping Dogs -Review-

When Steam sales were still going strong I saw a game that I wanted to try before, but never did, that is why when I saw it on sale I knew I had to grab it. It wasn’t until about 3 days ago that it finished downloading, and since then I wake up just to reach my PC and have awesome time!

To those who don’t know Sleeping Dogs is actually a reboot for the True Crime series. This series was previously owned by Activision Blizzard, but when the third installment was a failure and didn’t even get a release, Square  Enix picked up the publishing rights of the game and since it’s now a reboot, it was renamed to Sleeping Dogs.

Looking Fine Wei

Looking fine Wei

This game is set in Hong Kong where being weak is not an option. The main part of the story is about the fight between two triads, the Sun On Yee, and 18K. Wei Shen (the player) is an undercover police who at first is trying to take down the Sun On Yee triad, but then goes up to be one of them. The first part of the game has you fighting a bit with another gang from the Sun on Yee triad, but rises up to start a war with 18K and later beat down traitors from within your triad.

To take the gameplay into hand you need to know this first. I still have some side missions I didn’t finish yet, and normally I don’t go back to a game to do it and that is all because of the massively appealing gameplay. It is and also is not like other open world games, of course you have different ways to fight, and looking like other AAA stuff, some gamers might mistake it to being all violence with guns and rifles and all that, well no! From the start of the cut scenes you’ll be informed that Hong Kong has lots of danger, however it doesn’t have use of such weapons like in the United States. Of course in a gang and triad plot there has to be fighting, and that is a big yes, however the game focuses on melee, not lots of buttons bashing, but some combos to learn and counters, if you actually try and get into more fights (Which you obviously will) you’ll get how to counter, of course not every enemy is beaten the same way as some are grapplers, some are defenders, some have a REALLY powerful attack power, and worst of all the weapon holders with knifes that can be a big pain if not handled as instructed.

Wei using the environment around you

Wei using the environment around you

Later in the game weapons like rifles, pistols, and later grenades will be used, but still never making you depend on that alone because if you can’t find bullets to reload you’ll have to reach a good spot to attack someone and strip him from his weapon, that is if he has enough bullets, some strategy is used there especially for those who are used to firing bullets willy nilly.

That is all main story talk, but there are some other stuff some people would go crazy for, I like to keep up with main story before I play other silly additions, but some missions here make you do them, you can also come back for some more later. Such additions are karaoke games where you pick a song and try to press on all the tunes as they come by, it’s almost a full rhythm game in their.

The graphics have an important factor here, but I never felt like the developers took more time on the graphics than on the gameplay side, it also maintains a good sense for the melee as you can spot how the enemy is attacking so you can counter on that, even the graphics make the gameplay better here.

There are also lots of races for side missions

There are also lots of races for side missions

Side missions will keep my covered as some of my other games continue downloading, but I’m also looking forward to getting some DLC missions too, and trust me this isn’t like other games with side missions, you will feel a big urge to get back and do them.

All in all Sleeping Dogs is a great game keeping you up with about 15 hours on main story, and I think side missions (and coming back just for the fun of killing others) will make you enjoy some more. That is of course without counting DLC which I might be getting some this month too. At the end of this Sleeping Dogs deserves a strong 9.8/10

Great Additions

  • Impressive and highly appealing melee
  • Different side missions increases lasting appeal

Point Killers

  • Some Combo moves make it annoying to use

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