Geek Life: The Nintendo Gamecube

*Original written on January 3rd, 2013*


Just recently after 6 years I once again set up my Gamecube after replacing my Wii with the new WiiU. This brought back memories about the console as well as some past analyses I had on the console and gen 6 as a whole. The Gamecube is a mixed bag for many people, some call it Nintendo’s best console and some call it the worst. I happen to highly disagree with those who say its the worst, but I don’t feel it was the best console either. I loved the Gamecube, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying its the best console. The Nintendo Gamecube was one of the consoles (like the SNES and WiiU) was made to perfect and tweak with the generation before (like the NES and Wii). The Gamecube has a lot of history to it like any console and I feel its great that the Gamecube is getting the recognition it didn’t get in its life time.


Just recently I was showing my friend around Donkey Kong 64 and I made sure to show him the dolphin picture in DK’s house. I did that because it is believed that missable Dolphin Picture is the first reference to Project Dolphin; Project Dolphin was the codename Nintendo used when developing the Gamecube. I also made sure to tell him a known reference to Project Dolphin, the fact that Olimar’s ship from Pikmin is named the Dolphin. The Gamecube’s Launch Title I believe sums ups the Gamecube very well. The launch title is Luigi’s Mansion (which like Pikmin is getting a sequal released soon). Luigi’s Mansion sums up the Gamecube with this word “Different”, the Gamecube taken a different approach than any other console with having Luigi starring in a game instead of Mario? and a game revolving around fear?


Luigi’s Mansion recieved incredibly poor reviews when it came out and now its getting a sequal? This shows that this game is now appreciated when it wasn’t then, like the Gamecube! The Gamecube was different and put more focus on third party content (like how the Wii put more focus on exclusives). This is a subject for another article, but I find gamers always tend to nag for something different, but when they get it they complain and ask why they changed so much and makes them revert it back to what it was. That is why I feel people say the Gamecube was the worst Nintendo console. when a couple of friends and I were talking about how the Gamecube was the most powerful console of that generation one of my friends who had a PS2 asked how could that be when everyone hated the Gamecube. That is the one thing I admired about the negativity towards the Gamecube; the most powerful system wasn’t the most popular. No one even cared about the graphics, Super Mario Sunshine actually ran off 720p and it is known as the black sheep of the Mario series (which I do agree with, but that doesn’t mean its a bad game it means its different than the others).


Today I hear more and more people say they loved the Gamecube in retrospect, and many people say its their favorite console. Many Gamecube games even get more recognition today. I hear people saying they want a Sunshine remake for the 3DS like how Mario 64 got one for the DS, Luigi’s Mansion and Pikmin and continuing their franchise, and people were devastated to hear the WiiU wouldn’t play Gamecube games (something I personally understood and was ok with). I’m looking forward to seeing the WiiU eshop to be filled with classic Gamecube titles. The Gamecube still has its critics and I respect that; I’m just putting my thoughts and analysis on the console as a whole. The Gamecube one again is hooked up to my TV and I finally got my hands on Windwaker (another different game) that I’m playing to death as I hear that classic beginning animation when you turn on the console. Thank you for reading and your support, I hope you’ll check out my videos on video game analyses and more on my youtube channel:


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