GeekLife: Lets Get Better!

I’m going to leave the “Geeky” method for a day and talk about an age of course we’ve all been through, how can we possibly not?! We were all kids (Well daa). Right now as I sit here writing this,  I’ll be going to my parents friends’ house, they have 3 young kids (2 boys and a daughter) that LOVE ME! Maybe because I finish the levels they can’t beat in a game? That’s not the point!

superman image

As a kid, or actually like any other kid I’ve always dreamt of doing things that are out of this world, I was actually a boy that gets what reality is, as in never put in my boxer and a cape trying to look like Superman, the only cartoon thing I did i put myself in a barrel and throw myself (in the barrel) on stairs… Then blame my cousin on making me do it! Yes I did -kind of- understand reality. Right now as I go through my teenage years, I now understand why teenagers are stuck up and full of themselves, it’s just a feeling of gratitude and respect to yourself, but thank god I know I don’t I need it, mainly because I live alongside a pretty peaceful family. Maybe not a peaceful surrounding at the country I live in, but staying home is the best thing to do!

Kids of my generation want to look older in front of people, while I want to look younger (No not like aging freaks that don’t say how old they are), I want people to know that I want to do everything in a smart way, but the things I want to do are usually kids dreams, but isn’t kids dreams what make them better? Almost every popular person we now see didn’t just get his stuff from his “daddy’s” money, but from working hard, thinking, achieving! Not sure if I’m doing that right, however always put this RIGHT IN YOUR HEAD. No matter how hard you work, push yourself, it’s like sports stuff, push yourself harder and you’ll get better, don’t push? Just fall down the cliff.

Push Yourself

Of course pushing yourself has conditions, some stuff need pushing in a different way, take an example of a real life situation. This person is developing a game, he finishes it, but doesn’t publish it, why? Because he thinks it should get better! Well this is a big fat no! Getting better has a condition here,  work harder in your next game. If you don’t leave this for the next one, then this will never get you what you want… Maybe this isn’t a well written example, but someday you guys will get it! Maybe even I don’t get it yet, I’m not yet 17 and Ii have lots of stuff to learn, no?

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