Geek Life: Cartoon Reviews – Zatch Bell

So here’s a show I grew to really love that was unfortunately taken off the American airwaves (I’m unaware of its place in Japan), though I never seen the end of this anime I still hope one day I can. This show had a very interesting story along with one character being vastly different from the others. The show follows a similar idea to Pokémon, and it has a lot of realism to it in terms of emotion and determination. I find the inspiration value to be very high in this show, and a big part of the show was watching all the characters grow and transform into much better people (or Mamodo).


So the story goes like this, every thousand years 100 magical creatures known as the Mamodo get sent to Earth to battle each other until the last remaining Mamodo. The winner of this competition gets to become the King of Mamodos. Zatch Bell (one of the main protagonists) was found in a forest of England by the father of  Kiyo Takamine. Kiyo Takamine’s father sent Zatch to Kiyo to live with him. Kiyo is a 14 year old who was introduced as a bitter, angry person, Zatch is the opposite. The problem with Zatch is though (not only Zatch annoyed Kiyo to no end) is he lost his memory during his trip to Earth. Which actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise since the viewers later find out he is the weakest of the Mamodo and often was picked on. Without the memory of his meekness Kiyo was able to be inspired by Zatch to further inspire Zatch to find his inner strength and the two defeat everyone they come across.


Mamodo fight alongside a chosen human (another reason Kiyo and Zatch were lucky to find each other) the human uses a special book to command their Mamodo to use their abilities. The book can only be read by a Mamodo’s human partner. Also, they themselves can’t read many activation spells without earning them first. They usually earn new moves when the two partners share a certain special emotional connection in dire or strong situations.


This was a very well done show for many reasons. It had a great story to tell, it had great and growing characters, and a cool systematic battling system that did end up in videos games. I don’t know if there’s anyway to check it out, but if their is it’s something I can recommend. The show has a lot of other cool characters that help the Zatch and Kiyo grow and watching the show evolve is a very satisfying experience. Thank you for reading and your support, I hope you’ll check out my videos on game analyses and more on my youtube channel:


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