GeekLife: Having Some Online -Boys Night In- Time

Everybody has this time of year where a couple of his friends or family members choose a house for a night over, and for the third year on a row?! My house wins! Well not that it’s a competition or anything, but being at my place makes my word HOLY (Holly shit for losers)!

Well actually this isn’t the boys night-in thing this year as we’re having problems coordinating and stuff, but that didn’t stop my cousin from coming over, bringing his PS3, a copy of Fifa 13, and Call of Duty: Back Ops II. What a night it was as we stayed awake till 9 am playing online… All the time! 15 Fifa 13 matches ending in an 8 win for me, and 6 for my cousin! Even though people are kind of sick of the series Black Ops was a must for us! Killing zombies, killing zombies, lots of zombies… more zombies… The best part is pranking! You know, like crouching while your buddy isn’t looking so that zombies would attack… That brings one heck of a moment you probably now see below.

Annoyed and angry meme

Well the console is alright, but my thighs still hurt… Yes my thighs. By the ways to the kids who keep calling us names, NO WE DID NOT USE CHEATS! Anyway damn that was a fun time, thanks for reading everyone, please add me on Steam GamerGuy321, follow me on twitter @GameOnGamerGuy, and subscribe to my channel!



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