Geeklife: Blogging Steam Summer Getaway Sales!

Oh yes! Oh Yes! Oh Yes! I can go like this all day! Oh Yes! As always Valve proves their love to gamers everywhere, not only with the normal sales of weekends and so… But with amazing deals that will last up till the 22nd of July so you better get your gift cards ready! It’s going to be a long run.

If you’re still guessing because you don’t use your PC for gaming then get that rock away from you and go to the nearest broadband giving cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee and download dozens and dozens of games every single day! On July 11 Steam started something called Summer Getaway Sales where you get mad (and by “mad” I mean “MAD!!!!”) sales everywhere.

You have three categories once you open Steam’s featured store page.

  • Daily Deals are… Well, daily!
  • Flash Deals are ones that change every 8 hours!
  • Community’s Choice is like a graph where users vote on which game and sale they want to be next.

Their’s also a category for yesterday’s big deals too. Scroll down a bit more and you have some other categories of the games on sale for under than $5, $10 and also a new release category too. The best deals I saw yet are on the Tomb Raider games as some are only in cents now so if you don’t game use steam then google the name right now and be mad!

The Last Remnant (2009) SS 4

Thanks to me not watching my credit card carefully, I couldn’t pay except for one game, but I think I made a smart choice getting Square Enix’s 2009 JRPG “The Last Remnant”. I’ll try filling it up later, but by that time I think the sale would be done so until then…



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