GeekLife: Blogging Batman Begins

Yesterday was my movie night and what’s a night without a scare here or there? Nothing! That is why I picked up about 4 movies I didn’t watch yet, and since none worked for some reason (Borrowed DVDs) I decided to look more into my library of movies and choose the knight of nights, the king of dark, ask him who he is and he’ll say… I’m Batman!

Batman in Batman Begins

I’ve watched older ones and newer, but never this one, a little title called “Batman Begins” was glowing under the big pack papers asking me to play it. That is when I decided to watch it, but no movie night is worth staying up with no snacks, so Doritos it is! Snacks, drinks, movies, all I need now is a couple of cigars and you can call me NightFather.

Batman Begins doesn’t take you to a sequel, it takes you to the days before Bruce Wayne became what he is, before choosing the darkness as his ally, and even before he became an orphan, yes this movie takes you back to his childhood as he was playing and fell down a well into being attacked by a swarm of bats and thus having a fear which is ironically, from bats.


As he continues his life, he moves to Gotham with his parents however they both get murdered there, and so leaving Bruce in the company of his family’s butler Alfred Pennyworth. When the murderer parents is killed Bruce decides to leave Gotham in search of understanding the criminal underworld, and so he meets Henri Ducard that offers him training, and at the end of his training Bruce was being forced to do something and ended up burning the temple he was being trained at and running away.

Batman with R'as AlGhoul

As he gets back to Gotham, Bruce gets back in business of his family’s company. One of the scientists shows him old prototypes that Bruce then decides to take.

Bruce Wayne and Morgan Freeman

As the movie progresses Bruce starts conquering his fears of bats and decides to invest his personal fortune in the prototypes he was shown. After seeing the bullet proof suite he decides to be what he is now… Batman!

This is only about half the story and I’m pretty sure most of you already watched it, I’m surprised that I didn’t, it also doesn’t feel like a 2005 movie as the sound and filming is just too great! In fact it’s better than lots of other movies I watch today. Anyway thanks for reading gamers, until next time…



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