Geeklife: Blogging Bully Scholarship Edition


Something everyone loves about Steam are the games’ prices, beating consoles’ $60 prices by holding a $50 and less price tag, of course prices range, but right now I can get Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition for $30, and maybe I’ll get Final Fantasy VII for $11.99! Whoa hold it, that doesn’t end there, the developers of Steam -Valve- are so nice that they also have something I like to call Steam sale,just like the words say it’s a sale on games.

No I’m not here to talk about the sales, I’m here to talk about two games I got on sale! Last Thursday when me and my friend were chatting, he told me that an old popular game is on sale for today, it even ends in a couple of hours so I jumped like the wind and bought it for $3.75, but what game was it? Bully: Scholarship edition. Yes the famous PS2 title I never finished because I was about 10, and didn’t really care about finishing them. Well right now I do, and OH MY GOD the game is even better than I remember, that’s probably because it’s an extended and improved version of the game, but actually maybe it’s because I never got anywhere past chapter 1 back then. Just like any other Rockstar developed sandbox game this gives me the fake-realism power I’ve always wanted.

bully scholarship edition imageThis game is somewhat last gen and last last gen, don’t scratch your brain about it, the game was released on the Playstation 2 and for the PS3 on PSN. An improved version named Bully Scholarship Edition was released on Xbox 360, Wii, and obviously where I got it, Microsoft Windows.


Little Petey watching tv with good old Jimmy Hopkins

The story centers around a 15 year old Jimmy Hopkins who’s dropped off at Bullworth Academy by his mother and stepfather as they go on their honeymoon. The academy is full of bullies, jocks, nerds, rich peps and lots of others groups normally found at school (but more mean in here A LOT!). From the first day and over Jimmy gains respect of different students and teachers.

The gameplay is what we’d expect from Rockstar, an action open-world game at its best, but beating it’s GTA daddy by appealing to people with a different taste, doing stuff you usually want to do but bullies beat you to it, giving noogies, wedgies… It isn’t like GTA because you won’t be killing cops wherever you go, you’ll be knocking out lots of students, giving lots of wedgies to nerds and harassing lots of girls on the… rear end.


Kissing a nerd is easy as pie

All that is actually just fun stuff to do when bored, of course you have lots of main and side missions to complete throughout the game to look more on to the story mode. Gameplay is like that of GTA games but more realistic and quite creative thanks to it being in the eyes of young troublesome teens.

No cranky Frank that is a wedgie

No cranky Franky that is a wedgie

The second game is the talk of tomorrow, but here’s a little some some to keep you covered, anyway thanks for reading gamers, until next time…




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