Geeklife: Haters Going To Hate… No Really

“No wonder where you go, there will be bumps on the road”. That is somewhat an old saying.  These days we change the bumps to haters, and one sentence that blows their top is the title above … Probably in a more non grammar-like words.

If you go to anybody or anything anywhere, we can see some fine people working hard to accomplish something, whether it’s a person or a product, I always find someone that keeps telling people that is something “ridiculous” or “boring” or even “A waste of time”. It looks like it makes them sound cool or something, maybe even smart asses.

If you look at the gaming industry, a recent released game called The Last of Us is admired and taken to be one of the best games made. Some of these “haters” come out and say it’s really bad, they didn’t play it, they didn’t try it, they just say it. Of course I do understand that some people might not like the game so remember that I already said “didn’t even try it”.

Take another example, lots of artists now are young, in fact I’m almost 17 and there singers younger than me. A couple of people come out to trash someone like, lets say Taylor Swift, I heard some of her songs and I love them! So now that she’s famous some people go out and trash her, acting smart. Feeling kind of weird about it, I liked some facebook pages, followed a couple of twitter accounts, even followed some news stuff about Taylor and even other artists, Taylor has some issues, and some people say that’s why they hate her… Okay so you hate the person? What about the music? I’m pretty sure music is to listen to, and her music is amazing. Of course some people don’t like this type of music and i TOTALLY RESPECT THEIR OPINION. The ones I don’t respect are people that hate it without even listening to it.

Well do you want to take more stuff into account? Umm lets say Justin Bieber, why is he called gay? One Direction? Miley Cyrus… Simply all the young famous stars of today. People like that aren’t a group lets say ( because one of my friends thought I meant that). These are normal people, acting smart yada yada yada… I had a fight once with a guy like that, he really blew my mind, he actually thinks about what and how to say these stuff… I honestly can’t figure out why! People already know you’re doing that, what gives?

I’m pretty happy the likes of these people didn’t yet reach to see this website, idc if they do, they’ll probably smother me with words that sound smart, make me angry, be happy that they did that and go on. The only question I have is “Why?!”. Though I’m sure such a person will never answer in a honest way, but maybe someone will… No?

Thanks for reading everyone, have a good night (Well it’s 9:30 at my place). Make sure you check the new article tomorrow, until next time…


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