Geeklife: Blogging Airmech Preview


Well this is a Sunday everyone, and just publishing an angry topic like that wouldn’t thrill my bones, or fill my appetite, that’s why I decided to publish something I’ve been meaning to publish for a while. A couple of days ago I downloaded a game on Steam, it was an early access for an open beta game by a company made up of 7 developers called Carbon Games.


To be honest I play lots of games on Steam, but this caught me off guard, and now that I’m playing, and can talk about it somewhat, you should know that you should go download it too. The name of the game is Airmech and being an early access there is nothing I hate about this thing yet, of course anything wrong is forgiven because it still is an open beta, and for those that don’t know. A beta is a somewhat early part in development, and being open means that the developers want to listen to your ideas, and want to know what you think.


The first day I played it, I was like WOW! This is still beta? The graphics are really fine, polished, and well designed, and that is everything I need. The mechanics of movements are also well built which makes the game smooth to control, finally we have the gameplay, the part that all developers should focus on and that is the gameplay.


You can purchase more powerful and even better looking ones too

Real-time strategy is used so well in which you are control a  mech that can also transform easily into one heck of a bad ass airplane that can pick up units and fight a little some some 😉

You can do that to this one too!

You can do that to this one too!

Oh now for the something I really love about strategy games… Spawning stuff! You got 8 different units to pick before the battle, and lots of money to gain! It also maintains a somewhat RPG feeling with the mechs you control, also the fact that the mech levels up during battles.


Something I really appreciate them doing is having offline play as lots of other titles on Steam are MMOs and for people that don’t have stable internet connections? Thats a load off and they deserve a HUGE round of applause. Not to mention the fact that a battle can survive up to 90 minutes if the competition as aigh!


aigh? 😉

Well don’t just take it from me, and don’t just look at the images, go see for yourself because I’m not going to say another word, lets just leave my gameplay talk to another article, right now I want you guys to experience this, as a matter of fact the size is 190 MB so don’t you try and complain about the size!

Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…


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