Geek Life: Not-So-Cartoon Reviews- My Top 10 Favorite Cartoons

So I’m writing this for two reasons. One, if anyone ever gets curious about it, and two, I’m currently working on a special Cartoon Review I need a little time to figure out how to organize it and what to talk about. So before we begin I must say it was very difficult to just pick ten so here are a few honorable mentions in no particular order: The Pokémon Anime, Yu Yu Hakusho, Samurai Jack, Both the Avatar Series, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Kappa Mikey, Regular Show, Cow and Chicken, Cowboy Bebop, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Rocco’s Modern Life, The Simpsons, Dragonball Z, The Rugrats, Johnny Bravo, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Codename: Kids Next Door, Camp Lazlo, South Park, Classic Hanna-Barbera, Tom and Jerry…. told you it was difficult for me. Also, if it sounds like I’m not describing the show enough it’s because I’d like to individually review in the future.


10.Ed, Edd, and Eddy: I feel I said enough in my review I’ve already, but here is a short and sweet version so I don’t cheap you out. I love this show because it has a perfect balance between reality and fantasy in order to show off childhoods. Being a kid is one of the best parts of life and this show was here to show that.


9.Looney Tunes/Classic Disney: I grouped these two because I couldn’t choose between them and they share the same reason I love them. They both have very different styles, but they both were the start of everything in animation so of course I had to put these on my list. They also do what I love in a cartoon and were the point of classic cartoons, to show off real life situations and making them fun and enjoyable by stretching reality.


8.Ren and Stimpy: This show had an unusual style which made the show very interesting, the sense of reality vs fantasy in this show is just totally out of whack. Ren and Stimpy are just polar opposites who go on adventures that just surpass any imagination. This show pushed the labels and inspired more animators to leave the social norm.


7.Adventure Time: When this show was first out I said “wow this show is going to suck,” boy am I eating my words now. This show has something that every cartoon should possibly have, its own universe, with its own customs and norms. It creates something interesting we can view through an avatar like Finn. Plus seeing a child on his own as a brave and strong hero is something every kid had in their imagination.


6.CatDog: This show was great not only for it’s humor and great adventures, but also because the show set a lot of formula’s future cartoons would adopt. Particularly in having a duo run the show. CatDog’s two protagonists are something you end up seeing many times over in the future of cartoon duos, it’s something to appreciate.


5.Code Lyoko: This show not only mixed styles of animation (something I wish more cartoons can make work), but also had some of the most believable characters I’ve ever seen. This show had such a cool concept mixed with such creative ideas that really hook a viewer into its two world of real life and computer.


4.Animaniacs: Okay the only reason I have for this spot is one word, GENIUS. Everything about these cartoons were genius and had that classic animation style along with modern elements. These cartoons like Looney Tunes and Classic Disney really show the genius that is bending reality to expose reality. All the cartoon were hilarious, fun, entertaining, and very easy to invest into.


3.Megas XLR:Like Ed, Edd, and Eddy my review on this show should say it all, but I just loved the trio in this show and the concept was just too cool. It done everything right and showed a relatable world with a Giant Robot that everyone loves.


2.Batman The Animated Series: Batman is in it the end… oh yeah and this was a cartoon to begin a craze of cartoons that convey drama and complex characterization. It’s a great show to analyze and be intrigued in. This show was a game changer for all of animation, and it’s style is something that to this day is not replicated by anything. It is what is called a masterpiece.


1.Spongebob Squarepants: Here is another masterpiece for ya. The perfect combination of classic and modern animation. Spongebob simply became a world phenomenon for a reason, this show was just a great show to start off the new millennium. The show came out in 2000 and is among one of the trailblazers for the 21st century. Following the 90’s (the greatest decade for animation) this show actually ended off the 90’s for a new generation of cartoon’s. With that being said I always look forward to the future of cartoons and I’m always ultimately satisfied with what I see.

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