GeekLife: Disney Infinity vs Skylanders vs Pokémon Scramble

In 2011 Activision released a game called Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure for different platforms. The “Spyro” in the name was the star of some of the best games I played as a child. Activision revived the world and somewhat the concept, but changed everything else.

The game is not a bad one, not at all. Activision saw a good chance to get fast money from 10 year olds, actually 10 year old’s parents. It was a smart move to get the attention of kids nowadays, times change and kids want different stuff, I used to have my Gameboy Color and my Playstation 1, now kids want every console, tablet and smartphone… The worst thing is that they want more.

Skylanders Giants Jet Vac

The concept of the game is simple. The game is played by using toy figures (real ones) that interact with the “Portal of Power” by NFC. When the interaction happens, these figures appear in the game, keeping in mind that there are different types of figures whereas each has his own part to play in the game, so to actually complete the game, you have to get the different figures… I’m guessing the picture you see above clears what I’m saying out.

The series now has 3 games (with the concept I spoke of) and 3 others for iOS holding different concept. Now with the success of the franchise a new challenger approaches (actually two 😉 ). Disney decided to be the rival of Activision as they also have their own set of characters that are widely popular, after all, that is Disney!

Disney Infinity Interactions

Take the concept of the Skylanders games, replace the characters with that from different Disney  Worlds (Including Pixar) and you have a new type of rivalry between companies. However Disney counters with something more, by putting another mode into this huge game, in the main mode every character will play in its own mode, however this one lets you take unlocked items and build a game along your friends using different Disney Characters (I’m not sure Skylanders doesn’t have another mode because I haven’t played any of the games).

So it worked for Activision, and pretty sure it will for Disney, but there’s one more company you can never count out and that is one of the biggest, Nintendo! The second I saw the Skylanders game and its concept I was shocked that Nintendo didn’t come up with that idea, but that didn’t stop them for doing it anyway. It wasn’t even that hard to determine the franchise they will use because it already had a game for it, Pokémon! Yes my brothers in gaming Pokémon was the franchise and the Rumble (Scramble in other regions) series was the target.

Pokemon Scramble U Interaction with Pikachu Ad

Pokémon Rumble are different spin-off games for the Pokémon franchise in which you load in toys into the game for battle, unlike the others, The Pokémon Company decided to cut down in a smart way and use the NFC that already is built in in the Wii U gamepad. The game is already released in Japan, and doesn’t look like it’ll make its way here. Nintendo isn’t even trying to compete with Disney and Activision in this, my guess is that they have something else to do with NFC. What will it be? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Thanks for reading gamers, until next time…


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