GeekLife: Music Forever

So you think you can sing?! Well, I know I can’t, and I have an overly attached girlfriend to prove it! What’s up everyone (I’m in a what’s up-y mood), I was having some problems with the subject, but it’s Saturday, and what better subject to discuss better than music?!

Before I continue, I would like to inform everyone that I’m finally working on a parody and I’m making REAL progress, hope you’ll keep following me until then, and BEYOND! By the way if anyone happens to know a FREE green screen effect program for PC… That’d be great :D. Thanks!

Some of you might know that I’m a big fan of Disney (since I mention that in all other articles with subjects similar to music), and something popular about them is their dedication to music, almost all of the songs I listen to are by Disney’s stars, that list includes celebrities like: Hilary Duff,  Miley Cyrus, The Cheetah Girls, The Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, Zendaya Coleman… The only bad thing about Disney over here is the fact that we get everything you guys in the US watch after a period of time which equals… 2 or 3 month 😦 Anyway lets get to listen to a beautiful song I so love very much and that is…

Hurricane is sung by Bridget Mendler, the star of the popular Disney Channel show “Good Luck Charlie”. Another song I love is by a band called FAR EAST MOVEMENT! They have amazing songs, but here is one of their best!

If there’s something I love about youtube is that many stars rise over there whether they are from the smallest town or the biggest. This guy looks like one an artist that needs support, I didn’t delve much into his videos, but the couple I watched look awesome so take a look at it…

Speaking of youtube stars, I remember a girl that had a duet with the star of “Shake it Up” Bella thorne, Pia Mia. Last time I checked that girl’s music was… Well a long time ago, though I follow her on instagram, but here I am listening again!

The princess is as awesome as ever, and she holds a voice bigger than her mucsles (no seriously, look at her instagram pictures, that girl got guns!). Speaking of guns, I’m pretty sure this guy doesn’t care about holding them because he is so darn awesome…

Pretty sure some of you were annoyed (Probably) by that video, but I got to show you some rapping at its,er, best (You got to hand it to him, that guy spits the words like he’s a gun)! From to rap to rock, from single to band, ladies and gentlemen, and probably rockers! Give it up for Evanescence…

Okay so lets end this article with not one, but TWO famous singers we all love, I hope you liked the article, make sure you follow us for by email to get the articles on the go (just scroll and look to the right), and follow me on twitter @GameOnGamerGuy and as always thanks for reading everyone, until next time…



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