Geek Life: Cartoon Reviews – Megas XLR

Where to begin? This show was so boss, it simply has everything! This show just did everything right and had so much to offer. I loved this show as a kid and I was extremely crushed to hear of it being cancelled. I hear though that the creator of the show wants to bring the show back now that Toonami’s back. This is a show that faded from many people’s memory. It was a show on the old Toonami around 2004, and an incredible injustice struck when this show didn’t get a third season. The idea was that the show got cancelled because people looked up to the main protagonist, and that reason will be understood as I explain the character.


So this show just couldn’t fail with it’s awesome plot, a loser who lives with his Mom Coop accidentally discovered a giant fighting Robot MEGAS and customized it to his hot rod car which became the head. MEGAS was accidentally sent back from the future, and was humanity’s only hope from a great war with an alien race known as the Glorft. Kiva was the creator of MEGAS and she as well as the Glorft followed MEGAS to the time period it was sent in present day New Jersey. Kiva befriended Coop and his friend Jamie against Kiva’s will to train Coop to use MEGAS to defeat the Glorft now that only Coop can pilot MEGAS, but Coop and Jamie typically have other plans to pick up chicks, buy some slushies at the gas station, and smash things. Man, it is so cool just to explain it!


Each character is very dynamic and make a great trio that make a great “brain” for MEGAS. Coop is just a normal dude from New Jersey who’s life consists of eating, playing video games, driving cars, and eating. He is what people would call a loser, but people just learn to love this fun-loving dude from day 1. Kiva is a kick-butt galactic warrior who will do anything in her power to save the human race. She is a very tough woman as she beats anyone in her way and even willingly puts up with Jamie and Coop. What I like about Jamie is he’s pretty unconventional in the fact that he’s the damsel in distress. He is a straight up coward who actually gives coop reason at times. Something I noticed about these three well written characters is that they fit the three characteristics of psychology, the literal brain of MEGAS. Coop is the Id, Jamie is the Ego, and Kiva is the Super Ego. Coop as MEGAS’ Id is the impulsive and destructive force. Jamie as MEGAS’ Ego is the logic MEGAS follows and his cautious thoughts. Kiva as MEGAS’ superego is what gets stuck in the backseat (literally), and always tries to reach MEGAS to do the right thing at the right time and as time goes on MEGAS (or Coop) recognizes the Super Ego more and more as the series evolves.


What made this show so fun was that it was a familiar setting of three friends hanging out just with a twist of having a giant fighting robot. It was basically seeing an average and relatable everyday life only fantasized, and that fantasy is just soooooo cool!!! I mean come on who wouldn’t want to have a giant robot; after all I dig giant robots, you dig giant robots, we dig giant robots, chicks dig giant robots … nice (and the theme song’s awesome too). I can’t recommend this show enough, it’s hilarious, action packed, thrilling, and just plain awesome! Thank you for reading and your support, I hope you’ll check out my videos on game analyses and more on my youtube channel:


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