Geeklife: Blogging A Handheld We Want!

If we take a look at Nintendo’s history with handheld you’d know that since the release of the GameBoy, Nintendo dominated the handheld market simply because of the uniqueness they provide, unlike most console owners today, all handheld owners prefered gameplay over power, take Game Gear and PSP for a clue.

psp vs ds

Power has always been a good thing and gameplay is another. Having both together makes it awesome all-in-all, the PSP had all this but the DS brought more gameplay and it sold much better… I think that explains why gameplay is always number one for people.

A topic I always discuss with my friends after seeing any new device is “What’s next?” I don’t take it from a company’s perspective, I take it from a technological one. Looking at the Wii U gamepad, that thing is portable just like a tablet, but it’s limited to being a little close to a console. What it has over the tablet is something all gamers dream we’ll have someday on an actual tablet and that is BUTTONS!

Nvidia shield

Take Nvidia shield, we have a powerful portable machine that plays Android games and some PC games (Maybe even more once this handheld takes ground). However this isn’t the point of view I want to see next in a handheld. When we talk about technology there is never “The Ultimate” in it because it can always improve and bring something new, but here is the handheld I think we need next…

Gaming on a console is awesome, and playing on a handheld is awesome too, I can’t imagine losing any, that is how the idea came to me, and seeing the smartphone and tablet industry taking over the casual audience, I can see this working for any company that wants to do it, but what is it? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

Take a tablet-like look and make it big, stick buttons next to it like the Wii U does (not another board like Nvidia Shield does), now we have a simple device. Put software on it and let it play games from the start over, not the playstore, not the appstore, NOTHING. It’s just like starting with a new console. Now you have a portable gaming tablet, and it can be taken anywhere!


Now to make it appeal to gamers who like to game on a t.v, just let it have something that lets it connect to a t.v and move games up there! So what do we have now? A new type of technology, something that can be played by everyone! Is it hard? Not for a company than CAN  take care of it! Is it possible? HELL YEAH! When? I don’t know, but if no one comes out and does it, then I will 😛

Now lets talk about the games, since it’s more of a handheld look, and not a console with a controller, all it needs is a massive storage (Meaning it has an online store) and that is where the price will go, and the smartest thing to add is a cloud storage, why? We need something to prove we have the games, instead of being stuck on a console, it can be stuck on a cloud service!

Can you see the idea? Would you mind paying for something like this? I wouldn’t! This type of technology is simple yet very creative. With something like that we won’t have “Console Wars”, we won’t have “Limits”. We will have fun! In the upcoming time, I’ll be focusing my mind on drawing this for you guys so I hope you’ll be anticipating it! Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…



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