Geeklife: Getting A Job… Maybe

@Dunkin Donuts

I’ve been searching for a job for the last three summers and it never works out, however this year might just be “the year” I finally get one! Probably if you’re looking at the image above you’ll tell where exactly I’m going to apply, and you are correct! (Maybe)

I started searching yesterday, but couldn’t find a single one. Damn was that a let down, but as I got home and started thinking… My friend is as old as me and he works at KFC so anyone my age can be employed in a restaurant. Now that I got step 1, it’s time to move to step 2. So a restaurant works good and they might accept me, well what now? What is a perfect place for me to apply? … Thoughts come and go but none was near as good as the wonderful Dunkin Donuts! I know it isn’t a restaurant but it’s close to being something like that, and I’m pretty sure it’s my best shot! It’s a place I know very well, can’t remember a day I was next to them and didn’t enter to order :D.

After working my mind about it, I decided to go to there main store (the biggest one) with my friend, order something, and ask for a job so will it work? I don’t know a heck. Is it possible? Yes! Am I going to do it? Probably no if I have no one with me, but thanks god my friend said okay, but it won’t if you guys don’t root for me so PLEASE DO!

Thanks for reading everyone, until next time!

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