GeekLife: A Little GeekLife News Flash

I think some of you guys know that I was camping on Friday and so that you guys don’t miss a day, the rest of the GeekLife team posted other articles while I’m gone so make sure you read Article-1 & Article-2.

You should also know that “Photoshop Master” is no longer a member of GeekLife as he’s now gone to do bigger things so give this member a heart-warming goodbye.

Now that one of our members is gone, we are down to only two writers (that is including me) so if anyone wants to join feel free to contact me @GameOnGamerGuy on twitter, and

If you know us well we are just a bunch of teens having the time of their lives and writing about it so whatever you want to write, we accept! Technology? Games? T.V series? Music? EVERYTHING! Just look at our blogging category.

Keep in mind we can also invite you to be contributors.

Writing is not the only thing we do, nGeekLife used to have a member responsible for images edited on programs like Photoshop.

Thank you for reading everyone, until next time…

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