Geek Life: Remembering the Power, Nintendo Power

Hearing about the end of Nintendo Power is one of the most heartbreaking moments in gaming history for many. The legacy of Nintendo Power is truly equal to that of Link, Mario, or Samus in my opinion. I’m sure many feel what I feel about the end of Nintendo Power because no other magazine left such an impact on gamers and the way they played. Today I feel like not many new comers to the gaming world really understand or can relate to the pain many long time gamers are feeling at the loss of Nintendo Power. In todays world there are so many sources to get what Nintendo Power gave, but Nintendo Power even to this day maintained a fantastic and well lived journey into the gaming world and an amazing community. They gave gamers the insight in what was going on thats something that means a lot to many gamers. When Nintendo Power came out no gamer ever felt lost again; there was a beacon of hope for the end of the Video Game Crash of ’83 along with America’s gaming resurection from the NES. It was the strong feelings of awareness and hope for the future are what keeps gaming alive and we have Nintendo Power to thank for that.


Let me take you to a time that even people who lived through it barely remembers, the time before the internet. With the internet today gamers have many assets to get their gaming fix. Before the internet however, it was just you, your console, and a few friends. How were you to know if a games good, or how to solve this puzzle, or what others thought of the game, or what the makers of the game were like? When the NES brought gaming back to the U.S after a huge crash in the gaming market these same questions were raised. Then the dreams of all gamers came true when Nintendo Power opened up for business. There it was all your gaming news in one magazine. Kids didn’t have to waste as many weekends on horrible game rentals and gamers got to get together and talk about something they love. Now if you’re confused why a Nintendo exclusive magazine was the voice of all gamers it was because Nintendo pretty much held a monopoly in gaming then, and to keep people from losing interest like they did with the Atari, Intellivision, Oddyessey, and Collecovision days, Nintendo Power provided that voice to tell gamers that there is more to come and it’ll be more innovative and fun as time goes on. Nintendo ended the Game Crash of ’83 and along with it came the voice of Nintendo, Nintendo Power. All you needed was to pay the monthly (or yearly) subscription fee and the voice of the people were in your hands.


Nintendo Power provided (and always has even to this day) the true definition of a gaming community, I’ll even go out there and say Nintendo Power built the foundation for a gaming community. Nintendo Power provided a gamer with exactly what they needed, future releases, reviews, gaming advice, help and tips. They would also give contests, some fun comics, Q and As, and much more. Getting a new issue every month always gave such a great feeling, because there was (excuse the pun) a powerful connection and love for the Nintendo Power Community, they were there since the beggining and they simply knew how to talk to a gamer. I’ll never forget my first Nintendo Power, it was focused on the Gameboy Advance, it was fun to read through that magazine and always left me with a feeling of excitment. A lot of life and love got put into every issue of Nintendo Power. Seeing so many great announcements would just excite me, and when I want a new game Nintendo Power gave me the answers I needed every time.


There were so many memories that stick out when remembering the Power. I remember an issue on the New Game Boy Advance, Sonic the Hedgehog coming to a Nintendo Console, the Nintendo Revolution (later to be the Wii), the new game Animal Crossing and Pikmin, and interviews with some of my favorite people in the gaming world such as Shigeru Miyamoto and Charles Martinet. I loved going through my Dads old issues to find the map of Hyrule for the original Legend of Zelda, The Nintendo 64 Ultra, the look into Mother in America, and all the other great moments in Nintendo’s history Nintendo Power was there to see. Nintendo Power is practically the archives of Nintendo’s records and history, this magazine is part of Nintendo’s (and gaming as a whole’s) history in itself. All sorts of great things came from the voice of Nintendo and looking back at experiences, memories and past thoughts on (then) future products are a great part of a gamers life, Nintendo Power helps us realize these feelings, I can tell you from experience when I read about the Nintendo Revolution and Nintendo DS.


Now a huge aspect I always like to think about was the assistance it gave gamers. The most famous have to be the maps of Hyrule for Zelda 1, the map for Metroid, and maps of Super Mario Bros. levels. It may seem like a small little bit of help, but remember this was before the internet. When you heard about Ganon in Zelda and someone told you they know what he looks like, that was an amazing accomplishment. There was no way to check how to do something and what future events ina game is like. Having Nintendo Power there to help you find your way around the mysterious kingdom in LoZ, the mysterious planet of Metroid, and warp zones and infinite 1-up opportunities in SMB was something that made gamers feel relieved and confident. It was just the biggest part to me that made Nintendo Power such a great voice for gaming. This also helped determine what became the beloved classics we still have today (along with their great reviews), imagine if Nintendo Power never put up any information for these classics, this could’ve changed the way we play games as a whole.

All in all Nintendo Power was more than a magazine, it was the voice of Nintendo and a lifstyle for gamers everywhere. If you’ve never been a subscriber you have my pity. After the game crash of ’83 and Nintendo reviving gaming in America, Nintendo Power came along to solidify all we know that is gaming. Nintendo Power will be missed, but its legacy will live on. I hope you all will truly remember the Power, Nintendo Power! Thank you for reading, I hope you’ll check out my videos on gaming analyses and more at my youtube channel:


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