GeekLife: -Next Gen- What Will You Be Going For?

Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U controller

Yesterday Microsoft did the right thing and announced that they WILL leave something gamers have been scratching their brains out to understand… Why the heck WHY! Yes DRM is no more, no used game policy, no internet connection must-have every 24 hours (nor the completely hated region lock), none of that.

I decided to write this article to maybe brighten the image for people, but before that there are some stuff you have to know. Microsoft came back to their senses, with all the switches to Sony and Nintendo I was sure the console part of the company is no more, however they made me happy and appreciate loving this company even though I’d appreciate it if they focus on PC gaming (They’re just awesome on the PC). Now that the competition is back to its original senses lets compare them consoles a little, shall we?

Sony put a $400 price tag on the PS4 which is $100 less than the Xbox one and $50/$100 higher than the Wii U. Now I’m going to tell you something, lets talk to Microsoft about the console the way it is.


Xbox One Console, and controller

The Xbox One has and will have  lot of awesome games, and that makes it go %50 through me. The console is pretty powerful, and im my case I don’t care about power, but at the same time I don’t mind it unless it comes in turn with something I call price, and quite frankly, the price is high. The controller is cool, and even better than the wonderful 360 controller (didn’t try it, but I’m sure of it).

Something I really like is the kinect which will offer faster ways to connect through things especially if you don’t have the power to press buttons, once again the gaming industry proves that we’re a bunch of lazy asses. No seriously, I loved the idea of the Kinect, but it wasn’t used as it should, it also drove Microsoft away from the core gamers in some years. The idea of using it for easier connect-through is good, that is if it understands our commands well.

Now to talk about the facts here, many people are mocking Microsoft for the change, well why? It’s a company that wants to make money, and if that is they way to do it then they have to, simple as that.


PS4 The Console's shape

Sony has lots and lots of games just like Microsoft which also makes a %50 through me. A pretty powerful console that beats Microsoft with the price. Last generation was all about power for some gamers, but now that is that and it’s time to do what Nintendo has been doing for many years now and that is bring the fun of the living room on the screen, but also in your hands. Sony was smarter than Microsoft and got this through by actually bringing a new way to gameplay through the controller.

Sony’s strategy was making a somewhat rightly priced console with great power and lots of games, but this time the games are offered in a new way through the touchpad which adds lots of awesome new ways to enjoy gameplay alongside everyone.

Just like Nintendo, and Microsoft, Sony is a company that needs to take money, they did it smarter and faster so I’m happy to have them being a part of the gaming industry, but if they’d just pull out the Vita or at least make more games for it… That’d be good.


Wii U The Console

Nintendo pulled out the console earlier than their competition in which we have to talk about the word “Competition”, all the talk of Nintendo playing it safe, Nintendo doing this Nintendo doing that is really getting on my nerve. When the day one update was announced for the Wii U all fanboys started trashing the console, well what about the Xbox One… It needs a day one update too (Not saying you should). The console is as fun and simple as any other Nintendo console to date, but better.

I won’t talk about the price because obviously Nintendo wins here. Last generation of consoles (in case of power) is about as powerful as the Wii U, so you can’t really trash them about that simply because it says it is a good all-in-all console. The problem with the Wii U right now is the games, we were promised lots of them, but didn’t get them. It’s obviously a big change to HD for Nintendo.

Obviously if you buy the console now, it’s filled with lots of games and many games are coming this summer (Pikmin 3, Rayman Legend…). Games made a huge impact on sales for the Wii U, but now that I see it. The Wii U is having the same problem Nintendo had with the 3DS, but look at it now, I can’t leave it at all anymore.


Our new logo going live today!

Our new logo going live today!

Nintendo is doing what they always do, but we can’t deny the massive (and good) changes they’re having. The console is what any gamer wants like their 1st party games and the loads of indie games, not to mention 3rd party which I’m pretty sure will get better.

Sony is doing the best job right now, I’m only worried about the prices of games, they did announce that the ones coming on launch are $60… That is the problem actually you’ve just missed it. What do you mean by “Games on launch”? Will they go more? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Microsoft did the right thing by changing. I’ve been getting messages about them “finding a solution”, the didn’t find a solution, they just threw the problem which is an awesome move. The console is now up with a great competing strategy, though I’m pretty sure people who already made the move won’t be coming back (Microsoft please make games for PC more often PLEASE!!!).

My choice is simple. I have my powerful PC and will get the Xbox One controller for it. I also own a 3DS which holds and will still be making me enjoy more of the handheld gaming I need. A console is long shot for me, but if I have to choose it’s probably a Wii U because of the price (and seriously that is a really important thing for me as prices of gaming devices skyrocket in my country) and the Nintendo 1st party games I just can’t miss. Sony does have lots of 1st party games I want to play, but my wallet is…

Thanks for reading gamers, until next time…



2 thoughts on “GeekLife: -Next Gen- What Will You Be Going For?

    • yeah the Vita is dying now though it’s a greatly powered system, the problem is that Sony is not supporting it as they should. Xbox one should get better but with that price I can’t pay for it 😛 PS4, Wii U, PC, and 3DS are and will do awesome!

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