GeekLife: Getting Addicted To Animal Crossing

Yesterday I told everyone that the team of GeekLife is having some problems with time, thanks to the finals, jobs and some other stuff any other teenager suffers from, we are too, but that isn’t going to stop us every time. Summer starts on Wednesday so that is when everything gets back to normal. On behalf of this lovely kingdom, we are all sorry.

Now to start with the topic, last time I told you that I’m getting Animal Crossing and I did! However it wasn’t fully downloaded until the next day, but who cares! I had time to strengthen my team in Fire Emblem even more. Left it downloading till the next day on sleep mode and went to sleep early so I can wake up even earlier! Woke up the next day and not a second passed until I remembered the game and ran to open my 3DS and find it fully downloaded and ready to be played!

Finally as the game started, I was typing the name of my town which took me 2 weeks (before buying it of course) to name it… The Shire. People were surprised by the name, and that is because they don’t know “The Shire” is the place good old hobbits live in – In the movie series “The Hobbit” that is –


After picking a place to set the tent I’ll be sleeping in, it was time to get dirty by planting a tree right in the plaza of my wonderful town accompanied by all the residents clapping their hands all over my earphones. Yes I am now the mayor, but sadly I can’t start my major work until tomorrow, that is why I decided to get my living and start working my butt off. The best thing was that we had a bug-off competition to compete in, and I happened to get 1st place (holding the most point earning bug) with a powerful 93 points.

Here is me going to Narnia (A town for my friend)

Here is me going to Narnia (My friend’s town)

Now let’s talk living, I kept catching bugs, fishing… The normal Animal Crossing things on your to-do list. The one thing I didn’t expect are the online features in the game, actually I was more surprised that I had fun doing all this. Just go visit the train station, and if I see ANY PERSON on my friend list with an open gate? Go there, visit his town, get some fruits and have lots of fun with the ability to send messages to each others, not to mention the fact that I can buy some stuff from the recycle shop at his town 🙂


You just won’t understand the fun you’re going to have online with this game until you do it. You will also see lots of crazy  house designs that scream “Do me” all over you. Some of my friends tend to be dictatorial even though in-game it isn’t possible, some people tend to find ways and do it anyway.


This cat does not like being in jail

I don’t know how, but my friend actually imprisoned his residents by putting holes around them… I freed everyone anyway (but don’t tell him okay?). Creativity is found everywhere whether it’s good or evil, sometimes evil ends up being the funniest.


I also visited the one and only musical star in the Animal Crossing series, ladies and gentlemen… KK Slider!!! He didn’t make his way to my town YET, but that didn’t stop me from listening to them at others! It was a bit weak with the audience at first, but totally got better some time after that 😀 I even took a picture with him to remember everything!


The first day was the best while it lasted, but my day isn’t done yet, and the game is real-life simulation so the time goes just like that on my 3DS! Before it got dark I decided to get some more money and pay off my 10,000 bells loan to Tom Nook. It doesn’t end there, heck not! I decided to go fishing too! Series players know it, but this is for newcomers, don’t think all this is done easy, you’ll have to pay your butt off to breathe in this town (Which is quite fun). Fishing needs a rod, bug catching needs a net, and planting needs a shovel too you know ( A shovel is also used to dig up fossils from time to time), not to mention a watering can for flowers… I almost forgot something really important, I caught the biggest fish I can find which got me a strong 15000 BELLS!


This bad boy right here was NOT an easy catch not easy to find

It got dark, the shops have closed (yes they have opening and closing hours), so it was time to save, turn off and go to a deep real-life night of sleep because the next day is a big one.

Everything above was day 1, but now it’s time for a brief day 2 with a dash of day 3.

I woke up the next day, studied a little, ate my breakfast and swiftly ran over to my 3DS to start playing, it’s all fun and game right? My secretary Isabelle told me to visit the town hall, sit in the mayor’s chair so I can do some mayor-y business, however it looks like something was wrong, to start my real work and take my “Permit” I must have a total of… 100% of the citizens approving me as mayor to start my business, and the survey told me I only have 39% and I need to do something-s to get to 100. Some of my friends say that it is impossible to accomplish that in a single day I proved them wrong and did it in less than that too. Thanks to some advices from Isabelle like changing the flag, watering flowers, change the town tune, and helping the citizens… I got the 100% approval in no time… The bummer was that I have to wait till tomorrow so that the permit is reviewed or something.


Now that that is over it’s just usual to keep doing the stuff we all loved so much in the previous game which is making lots of money, and the newest way to gain them is go swimming (Keep in mind previous games didn’t have a swimming option), if you find a hole or something like that just dive in and get it, though swimming tends to make the fish I so want to catch… Well, run. The only problem I had on day 2? Well it’s normal, to be able to swim, you have to have a swim suit (which I thank my awesome friend @Master_Ajay_ for letting me buy it) to dive. After getting the swim suit I decided to take my boots off, put them in the bag and swim…. It’s all fun and game until you forget your -only- boots in the bag and sell them to the recycle shop. I’ve been walking around day 3 shoeless and it really doesn’t look good 😛 Does someone know how I can get them?


It’s still a little afternoon-y at my place (that picture is from day 2), and having finals didn’t stop me from finally starting my first project as a mayor of “TheShire”. I finally started my first project which is putting a bench. First I picked the place to put it and reserved it for someone to be a gentleman (or a lady) and donate. I ended up paying the 30000 bells all on my own for it.

The day is still long and it’s far away from done, time to get back there and play, in the meantime here is what my house (expandable of course) looks like from a sideway, keep in notice that there is a window behind the flat t.v screen, and also another behind which makes the screenshot look a little cheesy. Thanks for reading everyone!


Look at the table on the right and you’ll see my bug-off GOLD TROPHY 😀

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