GeekLife: Animal Crossing Tomorrow!

What is up everyone, how’s e3 working out for you? Did you read our older articles? For the first time since GeekLife started, we have posted three different articles on the same day in all timelines on this lovely little planet. And though GeekLife is committed to geeky stuff all the time, you should please excuse me because I need to talk about gaming even more.

A common trait of a Nintendo fan is accepting any genre or type of games he can get, well I don’t know about the rest of the world, but that’s just how I am. After all, first games held games like PONG and not tons of First Person Shooters. Taking it simply to the point this is all about one thing and that is explaining why I have picked to get my own copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf.


Animal Crossing is a popular game series known for its addictive simulation style of gaming, yes most simulation games are addictive, but Animal Crossing has some ideas that keep getting in your way. Once you play Animal Crossing, there is no going back because it sticks to your heart more than a friend zone (and trust me, I know A LOT about friend zones).

Starting as a normal person, you move into a new town that has cute animals for residents, of course you go there and start facing the problems of life (in a really cute way) one by one. As you arrive the first thing you need is a house (of course you don’t have one, you’d expect a home magically built for you?). Thanks god a very nice *cough* *cough* animal who owns a shack decides to give you a really small one… Wait did I say “give”? My bad, I meant sell, yes this animal known as Tom Nook decides to sell you the house, but how’d you expect paying for it? Money doesn’t grow on trees, does it? After lil Tom finds out you have no molo (and I’m guessing in your head you’re saying yolo), he lets you stay at the house while paying a mortgage.

That man has been taking so many bells from me that I almost hate the game... But I don't

That man has been taking so many bells from me that I almost hate the game… But I don’t

Lets move to even a bigger part, how in the world are you going to pay for this? Tom Nook offers you a part time job at his shack, you deliver stuff to residents, make cool ads for him… The surprising thing is that once you finish the job the first day, he never asks for your help again so… What are we supposed to do? Just speaking to a resident you will know that Tom (good guy) happens to buy anything from you… That is how you’re going to pay! But if I have nothing, what am I going to sell? Don’t worry little Sally, just keep reading.

Something I forgot to add is that the town is actually a forest with houses and shacks and, well you get the idea. Any forest has trees so as you come close to one just shake it and take what it has to give, fruits! Take some from every tree and go sell them to Tom Nook. You don’t only sell fruits of course, you can also sell seashells, flowers, fish, bugs… This all seems kind of depressing? Well the cute little animals are always there to cheer you up, just make sure you don’t talk too much to them.

Okay so lets say you kept selling Tom Nook the stuff and then is the game finished? Of course not, after the first mortgage you can expand your house (thus having to pay for another), but why would you expand? That takes me to the best part in the game.

Inside a house in Animal Crossing New Leaf

So  now you have the house that made you pay your most precious Bells (money in Animal Crossing) to the very last point. Why would you expand? Simply because of something called house customization, it lets you customize your home in some really unique ways that you’ll really be surprised of what you’ve accomplished with the designs, I never thought I would do this in my life, but in this game I happily did. Of course this is what Tom Nook’s shack comes in, go buy what you want! At the start of the game he only has a shack, but as you buy items, and pay your mortgages the store will expand, and thus making you and your fellow residents pay!

In a house in Animal Crossing New Leaf

Customizations are endless in houses, but it doesn’t stop there! You can also customize your attire but not limited by buying them, you can actually have your own designs MADE BY YOU! Designing a shirt, making them look like a banana 😉 or make something unique.

Can do stuff in Animal Crossing

Maybe you’ve heard that some people play the game, leave it, and sometimes pick it up for something special, but what is it? Well the game has events at certain dates like christmas, new year’s eve that make you want to go there again! There’s something even better to dip in here, annual events known to men are not the only ones, we also have in-game events (of course the last ones are in-game but I think you understand what I mean) like a fishing/hunting/digging tournament.

The fun doesn’t stop there! What is a town without a party? Animal Crossing gives you one with the beats of the one, the only … KK SLIDER!!!

KK Slider

This little guy knows how to party! There’s always a day in the week (in real time) when you can go listen to the beats of your the franchise’s famous musician, the beats are awesome and if you think I’m exaggerating then you have not lived!

The game also has different places to go to like a museum you can donate fossil and other museum-y stuff. Now since the animals are resident here, and this game is almost like real life, then the factor of “life” should be here, and it is! Depending on how you talk to the animals (you’re the only human) and treat them, also how you maintain the town and its beauty, more will come and if annoyed might leave.

… I think I’ve talked enough to tell you why I’m going to get the newest game in this franchise tomorrow, oh you didn’t know? This is only something brief about the first game in the series 😀 Every installment brings improvements and new elements into the game that are always enjoyed. The newest installment is called Animal Crossing: New Leaf and it’s on the 3DS. You might want to get the digital version… Just ask anyone who played it before “why?”

Don't worry, the name of the town is always entered by YOU at the start of the game

Don’t worry, the name of the town is always entered by YOU at the start of the game

You should know that this new installment got the biggest changes to date in the franchise, not only does it have everything above (and other stuff I didn’t mention), but you are now the mayor which means not only can you customize your house and your clothes, but also the entire town! Which is a really big one. It doesn’t stop there people, a nice element I heard of is the ability to change the time shops open and close, the game had the shops closing up and opening at times (Tom’s shack was about 9am till 10pm) so now that you are the mayor, you open up different kinds of shops, malls (and also some park things I remember), you can set the time of them opening and closing as you like! That is a huge win-over for people that get late from work in real life, no?

Well this ISN’T all I have to say because my love to the series dives even more, but I guess 1327 words are too much to read (and even worse to write), thanks for reading everyone, until next time…



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