GeekLife: A New Generation is Upon us – Sony –

In the last article I talked about Microsoft, and the next one will be after the Nintendo Direct which airs in about an hour, but right now we’re talking Sony! Yes Sony hit it big times by revealing after showing us why you need to pick one up.


PS4 DualShock 4 Controller From The Back

The day before of the reveal of this new console I was talking to my friends about it, all I had to say was “Sony is stooped, gaming is now about innovation and new ways to game, they’ll just sell us a more expensive console with better graphics and some FPS games” well I was gladly given a smack to the face the day it was revealed, and let me tell you, this is the 2nd time I feel so happy about a smack to the face.

They showed me a console’s controller which for the first time adds a new way to game, a touchpad right where it has to be, people and developers alike now see how much innovation they can put in such a thing so Sony can tap themselves on the back as long as they want to. About the specifications? Power, power, and more power! Yes The PS4 is one powerful platform I would love to have, I just hope they actually use it or the increased price will be for nothing.

Most haters went out to say “They didn’t show us the design of the console” Well I have two words for them… Leave D-Generation-X do that for you!. Why should I even care about this? I’m not going to look at the console or touch it except for ONE THING and that is put my disc and get it out. For crying out loud people I’m looking at the t.v screen and sometimes the controller.  Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft can sell me a microwave with a CD-ROM if I want to care, but I don’t because I WON’T EVEN LOOK AT IT!

So they showed me all of this, okay! What about games? Yes they certainly did not disappoint us because games is what we got! The only thought I had was… Well if they showed us all this here, what about e3? I didn’t dare talk a word after that smack I took because I knew they must still have more, after all Sony got in gaming to rival Nintendo, it’s no surprise they want to rival them there too, no?

Sony at e3

It’s time for e3! Oh boy do I want to see this, Sony did a great job with the conference, in which haters can now feel the rage of the sexy curves 😉 of the console. As a matter of fact I still think of one thing… I DON’T CARE ABOUT IT ANYWAYS but it doesn’t hate to see it.

Hmmm, well the best thing I need now? Nothing more than games, games, and a WHOLE LOT OF GAMES!!!

How much time do you have people! Let me get started with an awesome game called Warframe, yes Warframe, the same game I already expressed love to is coming to the PS4 —>Beta Trailer Here<— After watching that sweet trailer, how about more sweets for your dinner?

Here are some notable mentions you guys should google now: Diablo 3 – Destiny – Drive Club – DC Universe Online – Final Fantasy XIV – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Planetside 2 – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Infamous: Second Son – Killzone: Shadow Fall…

Well that was fun! Now let’s bring out one big gun everyone so wants to see, one of a series that lost it tracks as many claims, but now hoping for a better shine in the souls.

Still don’t like it? Well here is another, from the same company, in the same conference, relating to the same franchise… But with a twist!

Those are just some of the games already announced, but wait, what does it have over the Xbox One? Simply two three things we all hate. No DRM, no region lock, and certainly a better price! While the Xbox One is at an expected (not really) $500 price tag, the PS4 is $100 lower standing at $400, of course we still have one more contender already with a console out, and that is Nintendo so stay tuned for yet another article today, out when the Direct airs.


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