Geeklife: A New Generation is Upon us – Microsoft –

Yesterday (for me everything happened yesterday) Sony and Microsoft gave out their big guns, their official entry to the 8th console war. Microsoft showed us the games, while Sony revealed the final design of the console in which all in all, everything is as of now, REVEALED!

Please note that there will be another article dedicated to Sony, and of course Nintendo after the Direct is done.

Microsoft at e3


Ever since Microsoft revealed the Xbox One, the console they’ve received nothing but hate, and they deserve it, a console is meant to game and not make us watch t.v, on the t.v. If that wasn’t crushing enough for die-hard fans, each day got worse with DRM, always online… Of course it is all about the games, right? Wrong! Microsoft fanboys (not die-hard fans) were actually happy with it so here what I have to say clearly:

The reveal of the console was somewhat good, the specifications are massively awesome, however are they to be used? I wasn’t surprised to see them not show an exclusive because e3 was as near as you see now. However I expected other awesome stuff like how to use the console to game, even listen a little to what the developers can do, instead they showed us something really painful which is how to watch t.v on your t.v…

Xbox One Controller

The controller is pretty niche and just makes me want to hold it, but while Nintendo put the touch screen, and Sony put the touchpad, you stay with a stinking controller? Excuse me but this isn’t an innovation, it’s only an improvement honey.  Now let’s move to the conference.

Microsoft, thank you for the wonderful conference, more games than I imagined and what happened? I LOVED IT. From Killer Instinct to Dead Rising, and Rome of Duty, er sorry I meant Ryse (No actually I loved it!). So many games that I cried, but why did I? Simply because of three stuff that killed Microsoft which are:

A price tag of $500, always online, and DRM! Okay so the price can be payed, but what about DRM? What about buying used games when I can’t afford it? How in the world do you think I will accept playing for one hour at my friend’s house? How in the world will I connect every 24 hours? What if my connection was bad? By the way Microsoft do you know region lock, the thing you are also using now? This is even worse.

Microsoft, your console would’ve succeeded without an innovation for new gameplay, but WHAT THE HECK are you thinking? I can only see the Xbox One failing, not with games because they’re awesome, but why in the world are we going to choose it when it has such painful restrictions.

Master Chief from Halo

Now let me move to something I like to call, Windows. I love the Windows operating system, however Microsoft are shifting everything to the Xbox so here what I would love to see them do. Just leave the console market, and make PC games with the PC operating system, Apple already has Steam, and so does Linux, if you continue like this you are going to lose there too.

Why do I want them to go PC? Don’t take it as hate because I LOVE MICROSOFT, but on PC, leave the console market be itself, focus on the thing that people want from you so much because we know you do it best there. Make the controller and put it on PC, then make games for the PC, did you see the new Spartan Assault Halo game? Talk about awesome! I know they are better there so focus THERE, PLEASE! Everyone has a PC people, they WILL play the games, and if you’re afraid of piracy that much well then PC is already getting better with Steam. PLEASE DO IT MICROSOFT.

Thanks for reading everyone, stay tuned for the next “A New Generation is Upon us” which will be about Sony! Then of course we have Nintendo after the Direct airs. 3 articles ALL IN ONE day 😉


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