GeekLife: SmartPhone OSs… The Real Deal!

A really important I have to talk about is titled above and that is smartphones’ OSs, you see many phone lovers pick an OS and stick to it no matter what, calling the others lame, bad, boring… I’m here to say that this right here?! It needs to stop.

comparing diff phones together

Right now we have the following OSs dominating the market:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Blackberry 10 OS
  • Windows
  • Belle (This one maybe not much)

Sticking to an OS is not a bad thing, but it has its bad deeds you see, if you’re a gamer reading this, picking an OS and sticking to it no matter what is like picking a company and its console no matter what. PLAIN STOOPED.

Just today I told my friend that I told a (somewhat) friend that the Blackberry 10 OS is better than the others, well that “friend” is an android maniac (fanboy if I may), he did see all the OSs and decided to pick Android as his favorite, well buddy picking the OS is your opinion when you actually see all of them, however that “friend” never even tried the Blackberry 10 OS and so started calling it boring and not worth it. After talking about the stability of the OS he asked me about the applications and games it has which is in no way compared to the PlayStore of Android of course. So he concluded by saying “What is an OS without all the applications?… That’s it for me :)”.

Well played buddy, but not good enough ;)… Since when was the online store the OS? The online stores having nothing to do with the OS just to mention it, now you might ask why did I not tell him? Well it’s better for him to hear it in a worst way from someone who is not me, someone who hates him a lot, even more than I do (I really don’t like that guy, he’s really evil so it’s time to fight fire with fire). He will get it later probably, but enough of him, lets get back to YOU!

Lumia 920

An OS depends on stability of the device, how good is it using the processor to maintain the device’s touch movement or button inputs? Does it use  the RAM in a way to let the user stimulate the speed of the applications and programs well? How easy does it make browsing the device?

Come with me, and let me show you why Ii think the 10 OS is better. Simply it does everything I did above perfectly, especially the browsing part. Android for example has the “Pull Down Curtain (I like to call it that), the iOS has you pressing the home button twice and picking the applications, read my old article about this lovely smartphone.

BlackBerry Z10

Did you read it? Well thanks! I’m going to talk about it here even more! Everything (Except volume of music) is done by touch here, and the touchscreen is simply perfect! Far better than that of the S3, HTC One X, and the iPhone 5, that is until newer models of other devices (Most probably Nokia phones) come with a better one. Let me take you to a little tour here to show you how awesome it is!

  1. Swipe your finger up the screen to unlock the device (No button pressing needed)
  2. You’ll see a normal home screen with different pages just like in iOS.
  3. Pick… Umm. Twitter!
  4. It opens normally, you use it, but wait! How do Ii get out? Simple! Swipe from the bottom to the touch screen up, and the application will go on hold on a page right before Page 1 of applications, that puts it on hold, there’s a little “X” you can press to close it, keep in mind that you can open and put on hold different applications. You also get a view of what is happening in the application too.
  5. Now lets say you have different social medias logged in, lets say… Twitter – Facebook – What’s app – Kik – BBM… And so you get a notification from all of them, of course you don’t want to view every application on its own, that is when you my favorite part of the os goes, wherever you are just swipe up and right from the bottom of the screen and you’ll go to something named… Blackberry Hub. This acts like the Android’s curtain, but better. It serves the same stuff the one on android does, but with a better looking and easier ways to navigate, it doesn’t make the icons smaller when there are lots of notifications. Simply you just scroll.

That is the main parts of the OS changes, if you owned previous Blackberry smartphones like the Curve or Bold series then you must know that the niche appeal is not as close to that of any other device OSs, not even the Nokia Belle or Symbian.

The Blackberry 10 OS makes vast improvements no one saw coming from Blackberry, they brought something new, not good but AMAZING!

Note vs Iphone 5

Unlike iOS and Android, this is what should be called an OS upgrade, did you see 5 to 6 on iOS, or Icecream sandwich to Jelly Bean? Watch it! I’m not saying it doesn’t have any changes, it does, however it isn’t that big or change for upgrade at all. Updates were never meant to change the OSs, but improve them. Upgrades should be the changes, and if other companies call what I see now upgrades then excuse me but f*** you.

Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…


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