GeekLife: Nintendo @e3 Predictions

Wii U and 3DS

Okay so I already have an article scheduled for tomorrow and an article posted today by @TheVGAB, but today as I was browsing IGN and couldn’t help but watch NVC, and just like every e3 IGN is making their prediction-like answers to questions given to them.

This year there are 6 different questions, and just loving the idea made me decide to answer the questions myself, also make sure to visit the website for an important society article (No I’m not going green or anything). Without further ado, here are the questions!

  1. What five unannounced games will be shown at the Nintendo Direct (any system)?
  2. What’s ‘Super Mario for Wii U’ actually called?
  3. What will Shigeru Miyamoto demonstrate, reveal or dress up as on video?
  4. What will will be the “late conference Nintendo surprise”?
  5. Who is one new Smash Bros. Character?
  6. What goofy peripheral will be shown (for any system?)

So to answer the first question, I think Nintendo will announce a new Metroid FPS for the 3DS, a 2D-3D Kirby game for both the 3DS & Wii U, an RPG game with all the Nintendo characters in it, Pokémon Snap for Wii U and one using AR for the 3DS, and finally a 3DS (3D of course) Mario game, imagine having Super Mario Galaxy Mini :D, however if they implement Miiverse on the 3DS faster then it’s more likely to have Super Mario Universe for Wii U, and 3D Universe on your little 3DS.

I really want it to be called Universe, it just works for it, the system is called Wii U, and just make the U big&bold will make it perfect The following words are called a load of pegasus. but if I have to pick something else I guess, um… “Mario Upick your system ” Where you can do it like in Monster Hunter, play on Wii U at home, and the 3DS on the go.

Miyamoto with the Master Sword

Miyamoto is probably dressing up as Mario for the new Mario game, other demonstrations are most likely nothing, actually I think he’ll tease the game he’s working on. Wait what if he dresses up as a monster and his wife (or any other female person) dress up as Samus demonstrate the new Metroid game being on the 3DS?!

A 3rd party exclusive is the way to go, but knowing Nintendo they will probably give us the title we’re all waiting for, SMASH BROS!

Super Smash Bros

Man this question is really tough, I’d imagine Chrom, or Naruto (Laughs) Didn’t get the “(Laughs)” part? Neither did I, maybe it has to do with Iwata asks stuff?

Last question… Probably a WindWaker for players getting The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker remake.

Well thanks for reading everyone, hope you enjoyed my predictions (Laughs), until next time…


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