Photoshop Filter ~Fractalius~

What is up everyone, this is Photoshop Master brought to you by GeekLife (he pays me to advertise) here with a popular Photoshop plugin. This plugin is created by redfield and it costs $40 (am I poor or is that too much?).

Before I start explaining what this plugin does, here is a preview of the final effect

fratalius featured

The ratio of the images has dropped because we had to scale down the images, press on the image to view the real, good-looking, awesome effects.

 And here’s a before and after version

before after fratalius Note:This photo was downloaded from stock.xchng. Go visit their website for some nice photos right  about —>HERE<—

 So lets begin! Now what this plugin does is simply takes the shadows&highlights and changes them either to streaks of light like the image above, or something else depending on the presets in the plugin which you will see after the tutorial on how to use the plugin starting…

Here is what you’ll see when you start the plugin by going to filter-redfield-Fractalius or Fractalius DEMO if that’s what you have now.

fratalius settingsLets reach the settings. What you see above are 2 sliders for each name, and the reason so is because the left side is specifically for editing the big lines while the right side is for editing the small lines.

So here’s a list explaining each setting you see above (PAY ATTENTION)…


Well it’s basically what it is, it controls how sharp your lines are so when you move the slider to the right the lines get sharper and when you move it to the left the lines get smoother.


The linewidth controls how big or wide your lines are, so when you move the slider to the right the wider the lines get and vice versa. Keep in mind that when you make the lines wider they will brighten up your image at the same time so try to find that sweet spot between size and brightness.


There’s really not much to talk about here, but the radius just controls how intense the overall lines are.


The diffusion setting is used to blur up the lines a little to give them a more… “Dramatic” feeling. So when you move the slider to the right, more blur will be added to the lines and when you move it to the left you will just get …less blur-ry-thingy (Don’t judge me, it’s 2 am at my place).


The depth setting is used to control the darkness of the shadows  so when you move the slider to the right the more darkened your shadows will be and when you move it to the left you will just lower the visibility of the shadows.


The scarify setting does the exact opposite of the depth setting so aside from darkening shadows, this setting brightens up the highlights.

If a model happens to be reading this (or any girl whatsoever, I don’t think he’s talking about hair highlights ~Omar… The admin here :)


The noise setting is only applied to the big lines because it controls the grainess of the glow of the big lines.

Now that we’re finished with the settings, let’s view the presets of this plugin:

  • Artflakes

fractalius artlakes

  • Crayon Sharp

crayon sharp fractalius

  • Crayon Soft

crayon soft fractalius

  • Crayon Wide

crayon wide fractalius

  • Embo

embo fractalius

  • Fluff

fluff fractalius

  • Glow100 ( My Favorite)

fratalius featured

  • Lines

lines fractalius

  • Neon Light

neon light fractalius

  • Rounded

rounded fractalius

  • Shaggy

shagy fractalius

  • Straws

straws fractalius


thiket fractalius

Well that is everything for today I hoped you enjoyed this review/tutorial please don’t forget to comment on my articles if you have any requests or any problems.

Download Fractalius—–>HERE<—–


2 thoughts on “Photoshop Filter ~Fractalius~

  1. Thanks for all the hard work you put in detailing each slider and effect! I love this filter and I guess I’m as poor as you in that I’d like to see the price of Redfield’s filters come down in price but I do find Fractalius worth the $40. Their unsharp mask is a really good tool for improving “regular” images, too.

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