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Hey guys before reading this I would like to inform you that is as of now a part of GeekLife, look forward to the articles and tutorials posted under the “Blogging-Photoshop” section.

What is up everyone this is Photoshop Master (That’s what they call me) posting my very first article on, if you don’t already know I am already a part of Geeklife, responsible for the logo and the backgrounds of all GeekLife accounts, I never posted an article, but some of my work is shown here… well,actually it’s more like —>HERE—<

I decided that my 1st article will be one I already talked about on my old website which is a new neat little info which can be useful for different edits on Photoshop. I hope you’ll be … educated better ~I think~

We interrupt this program to tell you that ngeeklife’s admin is working on this article too… The grammar and well word stuff, not the tutorial of course… Thank you for reading this and excuse me while I run awaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Okay so let’s get started with a nice little (simple) glossy text with a nice reflection just like our lovely readers

glossy effect final

You can’t reach the top unless you kiss the bottom! *Runs again*

Step 1

Open up Photoshop and create a new document by hitting Ctrl+N, type in the settings as they are below ~I’m watching you~


Step 2

So the document is now prepared, right now you should see a “layers” panel on the right side of the settings, one of them is called “Background”, double click and rename it to BG which will unlock the layer so we can add layer styles to it.

Step 3

We need to add layer styles to the background so select the background layer then go to layer-layer style-Gradient overlay and copy these settings.


This is what you should have by now…

preview 1

Step 4

Lets move on to the text. Press “T” on your keyboard to select the Text tool and copy the following settings.

text settings

Type in “nGeeklife is the best website ever, and their admin is awesome AND SINGLE 😉 “… That is of course if you want to. When you have your settings changed (in my case I’m going to type PHOTOSHOP) after typing the word of your choice, hit Ctrl+t to scale it and move it to the center.

preview 2

Step 5

To make the text glossy, like we did before select the text layer and go to layer-layer-style- gradient overlay and apply these settings…

preview 3

Step 6

All you have to do now is add the gloss:

Hit “M” to load your Marquee tool, change it to rectangular by clicking and holding on the tool. Now make a new layer by clicking the second last icon under the layers tab which looks like a curled page and then select that layer. With your Marquee tool, make a square selection from above the text till the middle of the text like this.

preview 4

Now hit “D”  to reset your foreground and background color assuming you might have changed them then hit Ctrl+Backspace since our background color is now white to fill that selection with white. Now go back to your layers panel and above it there should be something called blend mode, so change it from normal to overlay.

Now you can see it is glossing up the whole square, but we only need it to gloss up only the text so let’s add a layer mask to it.

To add a layer mask Ctrl+Click the thumbnail for the PHOTOSHOP layer and you will see we will have a selection of the text. Now make sure you have the gloss layer selected and then click the layer mask icon which is the second icon under the layers tab(rectangle with a hole) then hit Ctrl-D to deselect, and you should get this


Note: If the overlay blend mode came out harsh then change it to soft light and lower the opacity

Step 7

Finally, we need to add the reflection. First turn off the BG layer by clicking the “eye” icon next to it then hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift and hit “E” to duplicate everything except the background into one layer.

Turn the BG layer back on, and select the new layer we created and hit Ctrl+T to scale it, but don’t do anything to it,just right click it and click “Flip Vertical” to flip it vertically and then move it down to where it should be for the reflection. Grab a big round eraser with 0% hardness and erase under the new layer to fade it it out into a reflection.


Thanks a lot for reading everyone, hope I helped you do something new, if you have any suggestions and stay tuned for part 2 of “Work of our photoshop soldier”

Don’t check it out so that we don’t post the others..wha are you doing?… Go Away… DAMN

Now excuse me while I slap the admin *SLAP*


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  1. Hey guys, I forgot to mention that if you have any requests or questions please tell me. Thank you for the likes!

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