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With e3 coming near it’s really hard picking a topic everyone wants to read, but thanks to my friend @amoGhilani for giving me the idea!

Lots of people hate on Nintendo franchises like Mario, Pokémon, Kirby… Calling them the worst games and sometimes kids stuff, well I’m pretty sure they weren’t able to beat the first Super Mario Bros so they hated on it. Going away from these guys I’ve noticed that if there is one thing they don’t hate about Nintendo(besides The Legend of Zelda and Metroid) is non other than the topic today… SUPER SMASH BROS.

I never had a thing for fighting games until I played Mortal Kombat 4, well I didn’t really get into it that much, but when I met SSB, it was love from 1st battle, this game had excellent multiplayer, awesome solo story, damn what could I ask more of? A better sequel!

Now let me get back to the point, my friend mentioned the game and a really important role it has, but what is it? Well let me tell you (of course I’m going to!). It’s an awesome line-up we’re in deep need of so let me get to the point as fast (and furious 😉 ) as possible.


The roster could be the most important part in a fighting game (you wouldn’t play Street Fighter if the only characters were Ryu and Bison… Would you?). SSB takes good care of the roster, but now that we’re so close to get the next title in the franchise, let’s make it even more exciting to delve n dive in!

Let us take a look at the roster from Super Smash Bros Brawl released in 2008 the game boasted 35 characters and 4 more to use too, check it out!

Every time I think of the next roster I just say I want it better “This guy should be added, oh and that too!”, but I never thought about a fully fledged roster I want, Ii think you now know what I’m going to do, but you’re just half way there. The next addition to this franchise is not only hitting the Wii U, it’ll also hit (and for the first time ever!) a handheld we all know and love…*Drumrolls*… !!!3DS!!!

It’s more likely that each version will have different mods like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate had the online only for Wii U, but lets move to a better place, what if each versions had a different roster? Now the 3DS has some sweet new games on the eshop with great looking characters, so why not put these guys on the 3DS, and the big AAA guys on the Wii U? Of course getting them can be done for a $2.99 no? (And no I’m not saying they should go EA).

Let me start up with some characters I would like to see, keeping in mind that i said “some” cause sometimes I forget Mario too…



I don’t like having a character that doesn’t fight in a fighting game, however in the likes of Smash Bros we must see (And thanks @amoGhilani for reminding me of that!) different characters with each taking his role, everyone can have a kick or two, no?

  • Kirby with his amazing charm and power and being the most character I use in all 3 installments, he should join the 3DS roster.
  • Dillion’s recent roll in the west made ma even happier that the character is being improved, though his game wasn’t loved my many, I found it to be a blast, and Dillion would be a great push in to the roster… Speaking of push ins, keep reading to find out the third guy!
  • Mallo from Pushmo makes a geat addition, what if he can hit you with a kid he saved? Maybe not, but put him Namco!

Okay now those are three, of course I’m not saying they should be alone there, I just want to see them alongside other characters like: Chef- Yoshi- Mii- Captain Olimar- Bowser JR- Diddy Kong- Toon Link- Ice Climbers Aaaaand MANY MORE! Well not that much, 19-32 would be nice.

Wii U

Now lets bring in the big kids here! I can already name 50 here, but I won’t, however there are some that should NEVER be off ever again so lets go see go the names!

Link- Samus- C. Falcon- Pit- Fox- Bowser- Chrom…

To tell you the truth I think you know the rest, the biggest of the big should be here, so lets scoot our way over to more characters! You thought we were done? No way, say hello to out “Ultimate” Namco Bandai roster.

Other 3rd Party

Namco, Sega, and Capcom Project X Zone

Last time we got Sonic and Snake! What about now? Well here are some I would love to see: Sonic (of course)- Bison- Commander Shepherd- Sora- Cloud- Altair- Jill Valentine- Lara Croft- Dante- MegaMan…

Namco Bandai

Namco is developing the game, and since the game is based on Nintendo characters and some 3rd part ones, so of course they can’t bring all their characters cause then it’ll be a cross over, so why not be bastards for a small while, and actually give us DLC characters… Namco Bandai characters! Tekken *coughs*

Come on Namco you have so many iconic characters you can fill up 5 games for 5 years! What about Goku? Vegeta? Anyone!? Well let me reach out and get you some more, stay here… Actually continue reading… Oh you are? Bravo, thanks, gracias, shokran…

Pacman- Sasuke (Naruto)- Digimon Monsters- Gundam Suit Stuff- Mr Driller- Any One Piece character- Jack- Kunimitsu- Lei Wulong- Leo- Zafina

The Legend of Zelda HD Demo e3 Wii U

Thats it

Thanks for reading geeks and gamers, hoped you liked this article, I would like to let you know that has now joined our lovely kingdom so stay tuned because he’ll be posting his first article right here on this website! A new feature to happily add!



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