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Moments ago when I was browsing my twitter feed, I saw a tweet telling us that a so-called website “Gateway” finished up a fully working flash card to play 3DS games. The flash card (just like the DS flash cards called R4) play 3DS roms which is completely illegal.

Now I bring this to you as not just a big fan of Nintendo, but as a real gamer that doesn’t want to see the gaming industry get hacked by a couple of douches. Help Nintendo fight these guys by reporting the problem to this email right now! I arleady did that and I’m going to do some other stuff too.

Now to talk some tech about this. The DS was widely pirated? Yes. That was Nintendo’s main problem last generation with the DS, of course loyal and self-respectful people will buy the original version, everyone needs the other people that will probably go to the pirated flash card.

Having a flash card will raise the system’s sale by a really long shot, however it is the games we are worried about. If the developers are convinced that their games are at a loss for being pirated and Nintendo can’t do anything about it, then why develop for this system, and that my friend is the problem.

Let me tell you a quick story. When the 3DS was released, many hackers tried to pirate the system, they did pirate the games, however they couldn’t get close to hacking the system, so after being convinced hacking 3DS games isn’t going to work, they decided to bring the hacked DS games to the 3DS so that they can be played and it worked, however Nintendo countered that with a smart move, releasing an update every now and then that stops this flash card from working, so I have a good feeling this flash card won’t work out because…

  1. Nintendo will release an update to stop it.
  2. If people won’t do the update, they will be able to play the games, however online isn’t included, not to mention the fact that stuff like the eShop won’t work without an update.
  3. I don’t know if it’s possible, but if somehow Nintendo is able to block a system that it catches using illegal things? That’d be great!

This is not what Nintendo wants to here, and I hope it won’t be a problem, but before I finish this article I’m in need of saying something to those who did this…

Do yo not fear that someday what you’re doing will counter? Nothing remains silent, you already have the entire Nintendo fanbase reporting and hitting you with words a man shouldn’t here. Aren’t you worried about the game industry at least? It’s time to stop this shit and actually pay the hard working company their money right! Though I doubt you thought of it, or actually even read this but I hope you have a mind to think, and a heart to feel, this will fire back at you Gateway.

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