GeekLife: Playing Rochard (Steam)

Rochard name imageAbout a week ago I bought a game on Steam called Rochard, and it wasn’t until yesterday that the download was complete (about 900 MB but my internet is slow). This 2d game is developed by Recoil Games and released in September 2011 for the PSN, November for Windows, November for Mac, and September 2012 for Linux using Unity game engine.

Yeah I know it was released in 2011, but it wasn’t until last year or maybe the year before it that I started using steam correctly, and now that I have my credit card I can purchase games from there (and thanks god the 3DS  eshop too). I was browsing the store and saw this game on sale, and reading the description I just had to get it, and I DID! I admit it, at first I wanted to get it because of the dropped price, even though the actual price is about $9 I think so go get it if you can, my current “can be used” money is low so a sale of a game like that is the best I can do.

rochard stage imageThe game is at itself pretty good, great actually, solid and holds lots of gameplay excitements, one second you’re using a gravity weapon to hold boxes, crates… And the other you’re finishing a fine maze to get to the next point, and these puzzles aren’t just jumping and moving stuff out of your way, well it is actually but it has some awesome twists like toggling gravity, holding the crates against fire attacks, and many more! It’s like a 2d dungeon crawler, but in space, and much better. So far I’ve reached a good point in the game where their is betrayal from a close partner, I ain’t telling you anymore, but trust me, the characters hold lots of humor and I’m loving it.

I’m most likely to write a review about this game, however you should know that this game got high scores and looks like it will get one more from me. Thanks for reading gamers, please add me on steam “Gamerguy321”so we can play some other games together, while you’re at it follow me on twitter, it wouldn’t kill you… Would it?!


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