Geek Life: The Wario and Waluigi Manifestation Theory

In the Mario Universe there are two men that have the same amount of fame as the Mario Brothers, but for different reasons. Wario and Waluigi are those two men, both partners in mischeif, these two men have a poor reputation in the Mushroom Kingdom for being mischeavious con-men. Their names come from a combination of the japanese word “Warui” meaning bad and the names of the Mario Brothers. The question I had though is where did they come from? I am not speaking of what games they debuted in, but I’m speaking of where in Mario’s world did they come from? Wario debuted in the popular Gameboy game Super Mario Land 2,and Waluigi debuted in Mario Tennis for the N64. My theory revolves around Mario and Luigi’s unresolved and repressed evils that manifested into Wario and Waluigi.


Something that always interested me about Super Mario Land 2 is that Mario has a castle that was taken by Wario in that game that Mario spends the game taking it back. The castle didn’t fit Mario’s selfless and humble character which did fit Wario’s. In fact Super Mario Land 3 is Wario Land 1, and Mario ended up with a house shown in most of Mario’s RPG games. Wario escaped Mario’s mind at that moment, Mario worked to get to where he was and when he ended taking rewards like castles Mario began to show conflict within himself that he wouldn’t address. Wario is Mario’s repressed greed, as well as his gluttony, materialism, and rudeness. Wario now cons people, steals treasures, and terrorizes people of the Mushroom Kingdom. This happened because Mario couldn’t address these faults he had that he wouldn’t face until Wario escaped.


Waluigi’s manifestation is a little different however. Waluigi’s debut was in the N64 game Mario Tennis. Luigi has always been player 2, and second to his older twin brother, that is no secret. By the time of the N64 Luigi would only be found in spinoff casual titles like Mario Golf, Party, Tennis, etc. With Luigi’s Mansion coming out on the Gamecube as well as Waluigi being stuck in spinoffs it shows Luigi is making his own identity at the same time Waluigi came to be. Luigi couldn’t deal with his brother gaining more fame then him, he started to resent and feel jealousy for the older brother he looks up to so much. Waluigi is Luigi’s resentment, jealousy, unsatisfaction, and an overly competetitive nature. Waluigi now remains in the shadow of Wario as does Luigi with Mario. Waluigi gets stuck very far in the background even though he does all he can as Wario’s partner, and Waluigi isn’t all that important to Wario; Waluigi was never even in a Wario game. Waluigi exists only because of Luigi’s inability to talk to Mario about his hidden resentment towards him.


Its important to remember the little known fact that Wario and Waluigi are not brothers. This is because they were not born the same way as anyone else. They came from each of the two brothers at different times and places for different reasons. They are the bad characteristics that the Mario Brother’s repressed and hidden from the world. As time goes on Mario and Luigi seem to be accepting the existance of Wario and Waluigi more and more. With the coin collecting and Luigi’s unlockable solo playability in New Super Mario Bros. 2  it shows they are coping with their faullts, but this won’t have Wario and Waluigi disapear. Is that a bad thing though? Wario and Waluigi have done some good, and they too have a fan base, I know I’m a fan. Thank you for reading and your support. I hope you’ll check out my videos on video game analyses and more at my youtube channel:


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