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The Reveal of Xbox One

Yesterday one of the last of the 3 giants revealed their 8th generation console code-named Durango and now called “Xbox One“. Now before I start most of you probably know that I’m a big Nintendo fan, and a huge admirer to Sony, and of course most of my friends know that I speak the words directly and NO HESITATION because as they say 😉 “Don’t hesitate, if you know it’s right, it’s worth the fight… GO!

Lets start off, the console is one powerful sexy looking console with 8GB of RAM and 500GB HDD, also boosting a powerful 8 core processor. It also supports cloud service which means that the power just goes on and on, however if the system actually reach’s its limit and actually uses the cloud service to make it better? Then damn it powerful internet connection is a must.

Of course with the evolution of technology, the internet connection should be really good by then and I hope they don’t mess it up. Anyway now that the negative side of Cloud Service is over, lets scoot our way over to the positives! A stable internet connection means lots of possibilities like the ability to save on cloud service and resume where you left, but as I said a stable internet connection is a must (Lucky Kansas).


What you see above is my decision to not talk about power and instead put up an image uploaded today comparing the specs of all 3 major consoles. I should note that the RAM of the PS4 is DDR5 while the Xbox One’s RAM is DDR3. Also the GPU of the Xbox One is powered by AMD but not yet known if it’s better than the PS4’s or even the Wii U’s.

Xbox One Controller

Now to move it over to the controller, the Xbox 360’s controller is known to be the most comfortable in the history of controllers, and I second that. The grip is just too comfy, but don’t you dare and not differ between the grip and the button layout as the Xbox 360’s button layout kind of sucks. I’m used to the Playstation layout which put the “X” down, and the other buttons are shapes. Nintendo puts it as an upper button and the others are letters, while Microsoft puts it as a left button. That alone gave me some confusion when playing with my friends, now another problem is the naming of the shoulder buttons which Sony perfects by doing something really great which is giving the upper ones one letter, and the lower ones two. Believe me, if you go from Sony to Microsoft or Nintendo? You’re going to have a bad time with this thing.

Okay stop! It’s time for what a console is all about and that is… wait for it… wait for it… wait for it…. Family application of entertainment…. That didn’t get you one bit now did it? It’s GAMES silly, of course it’s games, who cares about family? I for one buy my console to get rid of my family chores 😉

Last generation (Yes we are now in a new one!) Sony and Microsoft improved the consoles, while Nintendo took a chance and tried something new, they gave us new ways to game! Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 got 3rd party support for huge games like GTA, AC, COD… So many people chose them. On the other hand Nintendo kept going solo with Japanese game support mostly and lots of 1st party games that kept gamers playing to their eyes started bleeding, I remember sleeping at my friend’s house playing Super Smash Bros Brawl till dawn and BEYOND!

Xbox One Console, and controller


Of course today Microsoft announced that Rare will be announcing a new game for e3 and if that means a new exclusive too? Then you’re on the right track with the games. Halo isn’t enough, and damn it both the game and Gears of War are shooters, but thanks god they differ with the gameplay ideas (Phew).

Now that graphical power is powerful enough, everyone needs to realize that running around with gorgeous graphics, and a couple of bullets is no more, they need to make new ways for people to experience gaming! With the Wii U Nintendo brought the touch screen which can be used for lots of stuff that would fill the whole website so I can’t do it, but a I can mention one! Using the gamepad for fast substitution n sport games, and maybe a fast to look at map … Did you even look at the ZombiU trailers? What about picking weapons faster than ever! (I will happily do it in a conservation on FB or twitter). Sony also brought a new thing which is the touchpad(thanks god they learned from the PS Vita thing), it can be used for throwing grenades faster than before (and leaving up a button for something new in shooter games).

Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U controller

Microsoft? Are you kidding me? You brought nothing new! It’s all improvements which is a great thing, but I’d rather play on the lower powered Wii U which has new ways of gameplay, and maybe on the PS4 which also brought us new ways to game! If you mention Kinect one bit Ii’m going to smack you in the face. However it is still pretty early to completely judge this console (wouldn’t want to be like the trolls that put up Nintendoomed articles every now and then).

Before I finish this I remind everyone that these are not my final thoughts, I know better than to judge a console on the day of reveal, and call it doomed. I can get out the negatives, and fuck it if I know Microsoft then they should have something aside from the power up their sleeve. Yes I did completely get out the negatives but as I said these are not final thoughts, as Prince Chrom says “Anything Can Change” and to capitalize I sat “Everything Can Change”.

Summation! The Xbox One is a pretty powerful console, and instead of bringing a new way of gameplay with it (yet), only massive improvements, which wouldn’t be bad if they were the only company on the market. Microsoft, you need to WOW more than anyone to get a person like me to get a console, and comparing you to the PS4 reveal? Sorry, you do have lots of stuff, but not like Sony. Wish you the best luck!

Thanks for reading gamers, until next time… GAME ON!

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