Geek Life: Nintendo’s Taking of Ad Revenue

So I thought at first I thought I should wait a long time before I write about this for a retrospective article. However I’ve been seeing so many opinions and information and different solutions and sides to this in such a short amount of time that I thought I’d talk about this now. Its a surprising situation because it seems so out of Nintendo’s character and it makes me think there’s an ulterior motive to this. For those who are unaware Nintendo is currently claiming Content I.Ds meaning that all Nintendo Based content on youtube that makes ad revenue will go to Nintendo instead of the uploader. Now this is big against Lpers, and Nintendo is currently claiming random videos. As of right now I heard Nintendo is just taking gameplay videos less than 10 minutes in length; I also heard that they are only taking Wii, WiiU, and 3DS footage. Now I’m on the fence with the people who are making this a bigger deal than it actually is. Now don’t get me wrong this is a pretty big thing going, but I just don’t see it as big a deal as everyone’s making it.


I mean come on this isn’t the first time I.D Claims were made many times in the past on youtube, and here’s the cold hard truth; Nintendo has a right to claim their games. I agree and understand that Lets Plays put a lot of time and hard work into their videos, but in the end of the day Nintendo works hard too and puts their whole life into these games. Also, I said this before and I’ll say this again; a lot of gamers are convinced that gaming companies are magic genies that provide them with their entertainment, but here’s a concept that’ll shock those people… Nintendo is a business. They are going to make decisions like these time and time again. Is a good business decision? I don’t know, I’m not a business man, but I can tell you that businesses make good and bad decisions once in a while. Like Nintendo with the Power Glove and the Virtual Boy.


People are saying they have lost respect for Nintendo or they lost an amount of respect for them. Well I happen to resent that a lot in all honesty. Remember when Nintendo denied America Mother 3 after a whole movement started? I’m sure people said they lost respect for Nintendo then, but years later its not a big deal anymore. What about Capcom when they blamed the fans for not making Mega Man Legends 3? That sounds like a very passive aggressive and disrespectful thing to say to the fans. Also how about EA constantly canceling WiiU games just because they’re being spiteful after Nintendo said no to EA’s offering of an internet provider? That’s very immature to me. The best example I can think of is the news of the next X-Box not letting you play used games? That sounds like the same type of situation to me compared to the one I’m writing (*disclaimer: at the time I was writing this article I have know knowledge of whether or not Microsoft is going to do this I just wanna use it as an example*). Point is all of these bad business decisions died out of people’s minds and everything blew away into dust. Also these kinda things get resolved and will die out of people’s minds. The bottom line is like I said, companies make bad business decisions now and then, and they go away and everything returns to normalcy.


Now the big topic here is this effects on LPers who use the revenue as income. Look I don’t wanna sound cold and in compassionate, but I find that having an entire income depending on websites like youtube is very risky, because things like this happen. Honestly I find it kinda irresponsible to survive on a video sharing website alone. I mean at least people like AVGN own their own website that they manage as they please and work really hard to be their own boss and manage the site. Youtube has a history of controversies like this, people have to think things through before depending on them for money. We all know how youtube can be time and time again with copyright. There was even a point where Chuggaaconroy was even suspended at one point from youtube for copyright issues. I’m not against ad revenue, as of right now I don’t get any money for my videos and LPs. I’m not gonna lie if I’d ever have the opportunity I’d most likely take it, I wouldn’t mind a little extra pocket money; just being honest. It’s not a crime and I can see why uploaders on youtube are upset, and I can’t speak for them being that I don’t make money off youtube. I have to say though, shouldn’t youtube (specifically LPs) be more about having fun and showing games you love rather than trying to make money? Except for those who completely depend on the money (which again I find to be a risky thing) if you lose money from doing something like making youtube videos, I find it honestly childish to complain. Especially since I firmly believe this will blow over and be forgotten, and since many people do lps that aren’t Nintendo, I myself have done a couple despite being primarily centered around Nintendo.I respect the current LPers who are continuing their Nintendo projects, because they are the ones who make videos for the right reasons.

So in the end am I defending Nintendo on this? No because I don’t know whats gonna happen yet. People need to calm down and just keep a red flag up in their head. We don’t know where this is going, as of right now we don’t even know if they’re gonna claim all of people’s Nintendo videos. There is rioting too soon. I can actually compare this to the book Frankenstein; yes Dr.Frankenstein made a monster, but the villagers didn’t knowhow he was they just raised their pitchforks and burned him up before they really grasped the situation; they were right to be scared but they should’ve bee smarter about it. That’s just my feelings on this I just thought I’d share them today. As always thank you for reading and your support, I hope you’ll check out my videos on video game analyses and more on my youtube

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