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Jumpon Chef Screenshot

Yes, finally! YES! The school’s fair(I’m in a vocational school) ended a couple of hours ago and it was AWESOME! Lots of people played the game, and I think everyone loved it so without further ado, for those who’d like to know what happened please keep reading below!

I woke up early (almost forgot it was… THE DAY!), watched some tv, ate my breakfast and turned on my 3DS to play some Fire Emblem because I deleted my save file on Chapter 21 😥 and restarted from the beginning though I’m not that sad actually cause I get to play it more!

Fire Emblem Marth and that guy!

When my mom woke up we started talking about today a little and she was pretty excited, more than me I think. Now thanks to my mom I couldn’t put my mind to a single thing except the fair, didn’t play a game, nor watch tv. However it was finally the time to get started!

My laptop was a little dusty so I took out my “Clean Fast Your Dirty Dust” thing, and cleaned it really good, the biggest problem was that the electricity was out so I had to wait for it to go back on and charge it. Finally it is now fully charged and time for step 2. I shaved(kinda), took a bath, put on my clothes, went to check my phone to find about 20 messages telling me to hurry down to school, then my friend called telling me that the teacher tells me to hurry. Packed my things and went there swiftly(I just love this word).

Finally I got there, everyone waiting for me, but that was not the real problem. The problem was that our teacher was supposed to be there in the morning(as I heard) and put up a table to view it on the big screen, but she didn’t and it’s not actually her fault, the big problem is that it was hard for people to notice our project, especially since they were so close to other completely adorable, beautiful, and awesome projects that the ones who made it worked really hard on them.

Blue Keyboard :P

At the start of the fair as I thought no one spotted us, they really thought we were standing there to talk, so I used my cousins cute face for some marketing 😉 He is young,and people consider him really cute, plus he loved my game so it was a win win with no lies. He went through the crowd and started saying “WOW I just played an awesome game over there, and it’s really fun! Go try it.” and damn did that work. At first a few came but when I saw the principal of the institution I told him that he just HAS to go tell him to come here (Thank you Jad, our wonderful marketing manager 😉 )

The principal loved the project, and so he told me that he’ll be sending some people to check it out right now! And so the it began as lots of people came to play, and I do mean LOTS! Someone actually asked me for my game and was kinda sad that it’s not finished, however he did tell me to notify him when it’s finished.

It was pretty hard to know if the people that played it where parents or people from programming companies, but their was a woman that I’m pretty sure knows about programming because she asked my about the program I used to make it.

Construct 2 Start Page Image

When the lounge was a bit clearer more people started to come and take a look, but it was time to close it up and pack our stuff to go. I’m pretty sure they enjoyed playing the game especially the little girl who kept trying it, but I was bumped that the woman from the company didn’t make  a single gesture, she nodded, said pretty good job and left.

Anyway thanks for reading everyone, especially those who read through this article, I hope that I’ll be able to show you more of the game later on, I’m still saving up this $119 to buy the individual copy of the program, and get rid of the free version limitations.

You probably saw the “Game In The Work” section on the website, if not make sure to do it from time to time because that’s where the posts about it will go. You can also follow this wonderful blog by e-mail, just look at the right side of the website and you’ll see it!

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