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About 3 or 4 month ago I was browsing the internet in search of an anti-boredom thing to do and found an old article about an old company called Atari. Don’t worry I know what Atari is, and I know what it was, but I didn’t know how it is now.

So I decided to visit their website to check them out, at first I thought it was something simple, but when I went into the contents I found some games they’re making now, however it wasn’t much of an important thing at first so I closed it and started searching for other stuff. Anyway while reading ONM today I stumbled across something that talked about Centipede from Atari so I took out my smartphone and opened the site again not expecting to see something new, but I felt I really want to.

As the page loaded I saw images of many games that maybe was on the site but I didn’t care enough to read them, boy did they get my attention today, before reading or even looking any further I turned on my laptop, opened the browser and directly went to the website with lots of ideas for the company in my head (What if they’d release PONG on smartphones? Centipede on the Wii U yada yada yada).

Atari's Greatest Hits Image

The first thing I laid eyes on was “Atari’s Greatest Hits” then Centipede Origins and lots more, the games they make now are surely not impressing no COD freak, or AAA-only gamers, but they get the attention of retro (though the graphical side of games isn’t retro) and well…REAL GAMERS who would try a game and then talk about it, and I want be surprised if some games stink, but a least I can say I actually tried them.

If you want something really awesome google “Atari Breakout” in the images section right now!

Anyway I downloaded about 3 games on my iPhone, and certainly will get more, I’m currently downloading Blade Kitten demo on PC and maybe buy it, it’s 9.99 after all. Blade Kitten is based on a comic started about a year before the game and I’m looking forward to reading it.

Super Bunny Breakout

You will probably ask me how if I know their old work, to tell you the truth I was born in 1996 while the company is about 20 years older, however my dad had an Atari that he kept and so he gave it to me once to play, he even gave me his old NES(Yes!Really!), my actual start in games was with the oldest of the old, I still have my Gameboy Color with me after all don’t I?

Thanks for reading everyone, I’ll be playing many of their games and there’s a big chance I’ll review lots of them, I wish them great luck in the future, but I’ll be following them anyway… Speaking of followers lovely readers, one of our soldiers just opened a website for photoshop tutorials and maybe some other fun stuff later on (Yup! He’s our photoshop soldier). Check his website —>HERE<—

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