Geek Life: “Core” Gamers Gave Up On The Wii Too Soon

*Originally Published Sept. 10 2012*

As the WiiU gets closer and closer to its release I’ve noticed so much hate placed on the console that isn’t even out yet. From further investigation I found that the main issue was those same people who hate on the WiiU had problems with the Wii. I honestly question why Nintendo had to appeal to the “core” gamers again with the WiiU cause Nintendo had its own core scene still in the system despite the lack of 3rd Party titles, and it began to make sense to me when I stumbled on the subject of people giving up on the Wii. Now when I say “core” gamers please know I am not referring to all the true core gamers out there, just those who have to hate on the Wii, WiiU and Nintendo alike because “it is not hardcore enough for them.” If you don’t like Nintendo no big deal but when you have to call it a “kiddy system” or “has no good games” (despite not having one/ gave up on it) thats another story. From then on it all made sense about why the WiiU is receiving hate. Though Nintendo’s personal core games came out later on such as the two Zelda Titles, Metroid (even though it isn’t the best Metroid game it is still on this list), The Mario Galaxy Games and Brawl it is clear to me and I’m sure other Nintendo fans that people gave up on the Wii too soon. They did not wait to see what’ll become of it, and now misconceptions are all these “core” gamers can talk about to defend their hate.


The biggest issue people had was the wii’s library. Now this I believe is the number one reason why people gave up on the Wii, and that is why this point is going first. I recognize the many awful titles and poorly made games in the Wii’s library. Let me start by saying does the famed NES not have a lot of terrible games on that world renowned console? I think AVGN can back me up on that question. The fact of the matter is when a unique console like the NES and Wii come out it is only natural for devolpers to experiment and/or make a quick buck. So an oversaturation of bad games is inevitable. I am always very impressed with the Wii’s many similarities to the NES like that, and like the NES the Wii has a classic library of games along with the bad ones that scared the “core” gamers away.


Now another thing was motion control itself. The people who gave up say that the motion control is annoying. Now let me refer to the oversaturation of bad games again. That is why. The experiments and most of the casual games on the Wii are the only games that make motion control annoying. I agree overusing motion control is incredibly annoying and tedious. However, in the reality of Wii here’s how it works; if the motion control is annoying it is a bad mediocre/bad Wii title. Besides with the creation of the PSMove and the Kinect it is clear Motion Control has made its impact. The greats and hidden gems of the Wii I guarantee are not annoying with motion control at all, rather they are fun and make great interaction with the game. Even the ones with less than fun use of motion control like Brawl make it completely optional, just like great titles on the DS/3DS with the touch screen. Now why would Nintendo let these games bad games on? Well let me just point out first that all consoles make mistakes and all consoles have bad games. However I feel the reason Nintendo gives these developers a chance (sometimes not knowing they are just trying make a quick buck) is because Nintendo too was once new to gaming making 3rd party games such as Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. and just wanted a chance to show what they got to the gaming world.


The scarce amount of 3rd party games is another reason to giving up on the Wii. I am here to say it is not illegal to own more than one console. The Wii is a highly affordable system (especially today) to have for a look into Nintendo’s world (whether for their core titles or casual titles). Also, The Wii can handle the games that are made for PC, PS3, and the 360, the only thing is it can’t be in HD. The lack of 3rd party titles is from the difficulty of making a wii version due to its lower graphical specs. It would cost a lot of money to make a Wii version because its pretty much making a game from scratch instead of just changing button commands. In fact if it wasn’t for a PS2 version of Sonic Unleashed being made, the Wii would never get its own version, and the game looked great on the Wii and many reviewers shared that the Wii version was superior. Not to mention there is great 3rd party titles like Sonic Unleashed and Okami, but games like that were just poorly advertised. Now if it was the graphics you had a problem with let me just quote a post I saw on, “Playing Games for the Graphics is like watching porn for the story.” A crude saying yes, but it makes my point. If you want a cleaner quote, here’s one from AVGN, “Better graphics doesn’t make a better game.”


Please be aware that every great console developed take time to bring it to its full potential. With a revolutionary console like the Wii the burden of learning the consoles limits and what makes a good game on the system took a little longer and was a little more difficult. Nintendo is doing fine, what makes people think it is failing is misconceptions made by those “Core” Gamers who gave up on the Wii. I am extremely confident in Nintendo and the future WiiU, because as someone who didn’t give up on the Wii I can look foward to a new console that is making its revolutionary and actually great formula better and far more advanced. Thank you guys for reading, and thank you for your support. Don’t forget to check out some of my videos on my youtube channel:


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