Geek Life: Cartoon Reviews – What Ever Happened to Robot Jones?

If anyone remembers this show please let me know in the comments, because I don’t know anyone who remembers this show. This show was a very random show that had a lot of depth underneath. This show is a huge piece of forgotten media. It was a Cartoon Cartoon Series on Cartoon Network, and it only lasted from 2002-2003. I mean in all reality I wasn’t crazy about this cartoon, but it had funny moments and I appreciated some more experimental things the show has done.


The show is based around a teenaged Robot that lives with Humans and attends a suburban middle school. Now the show’s weakness is its characters, other than Robot and his parents there isn’t any memorable characters (and its honestly not even a memorable show). However it definitely had its entertainment value to it. But what really made me want to review it was what the show was accomplishing and its concept. I liked the idea of a Robot trying to fit in with humans, but doing it in a way where if you make Robot a human (or more appropriately a foreigner and/or misfit) everything that happens in this show is extremely plausible and pretty relatable. Even though Robot was a robot there was still a sense of relate-ability to him as a misfit in a new school just trying to fit in and eventually finding a group of friends who understand one another.


A great part of Robot’s character is the fact that they don’t push the robot gimmick. He just acts as a normal kid trying to understand his peers and his environment, and that’s what everyone did in their adolescence. What made the show worth watching was the fact that every time Robot was close to understanding an average teenaged day like talking to a crush, getting pimples, or how to be popular he’d have the fact that he is a robot create an interesting twist to those average conflicts. For example, there was an episode that explored teenaged fads, and this certain fad was playing with rubics cubes. Being that Robot has a robot brain he was able to solve the rubics cubes faster than anyone else in school giving him some popularity. But in the end the fad past and Robot went back to square one and he found contentment in that. He is average but not so average, a confusing statement I’ll admit but something that holds true to the series.


Is it the end of the world if you never see it? Nah. However if you like more experimental writing and fun situations based on everyday teenaged life check it out, it can’t hurt. I liked the show it left its impression, it had a great concept and a very relatable character (despite being a robot). Thank you for reading and your support, I hope you’ll check out my videos on game analyses and more on my youtube channel:


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