GeekLife: Blogging Original Song Coming Soon


Maybe you guys remember that not so long ago (about 3 month) when I opened the website, I told you in the introduction video that I’m also working on some geeky music, of course I meant parodies at first but now? To put it simple I finally finished working on an original geeky song.

Before you get too excited (and possibly happy for me) you should note that it’s still half way there, I finished the lyrics but the music is way far for me to reach now, maybe it wasn’t that good to actually mention this now, however I couldn’t stop myself from doing it.

So to show me your support please subscribe to my channel, show me some recognition and love, even though I’m still away from posting any video thanks for your help and support. Please enjoy our latest article written by the newest soldier in this kingdom @TheVGAB and enjoy images and backgrounds made by our photoshopping soldier Majd Houssami. Thanks for all the work guys!

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