Geek Life: My Top Ten Favorite Gameplay Mechanics

Hello everyone, today I thought I’d try another top list, but this time I’ll be doing ten instead of five. Today I’d  like to do a top ten list of my favorite gameplay mechanics in gaming. Now as always please keep in mind that this is based purely on my gaming experiences, so if there’s any others you think should be on this list I’d love to hear them in the comment section (and please don’t attack me!).

10.Kingdom Heart’s Keyblades:


Kingdom Hearts is one of those series that just couldn’t fail, I mean Final Fantasy with Disney characters?! Even the concept sounds so cool. Sora’s Keyblades are the center of the combat and story in this series, and I think that a weapon being both a combat and a plot device is so cool. The different kinds of blades you earn throughout the game is great too, because it provides you with a keyblade that can suit your playing abilities to its peak. Also I find it interesting that all you need is the keyblade for everything, offense, defense, magic, summoning, its a very useful weapon; any other game would require multiple items to do what the keyblade does and that makes it very unique.

9.Mortal Kombat’s Special Attacks and Fatalities:

Mortal Kombat fatality

Mortal Kombat is an experience that is just so much fun (once you know what you’re doing). What made the games so blood pumping was the special moves and fatalities that each of the dynamic characters can greatly stir up a fighting gem, and thats what made Mortal Kombat such an innovative and exciting fighting franchise.

8.BanjoKazooie’s/Tooie’s Tag Team Abilities:


BanjoKazooie was such a great franchise with a tragic end, and its duo capabilities made the series have a lot of choices and creativity for platforming. Some helped you climb, some made you faster, some helped you swim, some got you to fly, and exploration and combat proved to be a thoughtful and stimulating experience.

7.Pokémon’s Collecting and Team Assembling:


Pokémon requiring you to have 6 Pokémon with 4 moves each sound simple, but it is actually a pretty complex and unique format for an RPG. You have so many choices in assembling the best team possible, and the hundreds of choices of moves and Pokémon creates a lot of though, strategy, and consideration in order to be a master.

6.Olimar’s Pikmin:


Olimar’s Pikmin make such a cool way to reach goals, while setting up a connection to the main character and his Pikmin. Having living things as your combat/puzzle solving mechanic is really creative idea, and I personally just can’t help myself but getting fascinated by the science behind the Pikmin world. Getting so interested in a gameplay mechanic is something not many games accomplish and as new types of Pikmin grow, so does the map design and obstacles to face.

5.Mario’s Power Ups


It was Mario’s power ups that started it all, creative level design, dynamic gameplay, and great imagination in the abilities of a character. Mario’s power ups provide him with many ways to achieve goals and help designers alway come up with fun and creative level design. As the games go on, Mario gets more capabilities with new environments for us to enjoy.

4.Okami’s Celestial Brush:


When Okami’s Celestial Brush came out it was extremely ahead of its time. I think this game is perfect for the WiiU and this game came out the the PS2. The idea of drawing things to spawn fire, or ice, electricity,etc. is a great and fun idea. There’s not much to say except this is very creative and ahead of its time.

3.Earthbound/Mother Psi Powers:


At the time all RPGs used magic, but Earthbound had the cool idea to use psychic powers. I love this because it makes combat pretty exciting for the same reasons as Pokémon, except you have it available between three characters (not including Jeff) that you learn to love and connect with through the adventure. Earn new Psi powers and/or upgraded Psi powers is so exciting and empowering, just giving you more possibilities in battle and more strategy.

2.Mega Man’s Ability Adapter:


I love Mega Man, and I love his staple of taking powers from Bosses and using their powers for yourself is so fun. Using the powers to take advantage of a boss’ weakness actually lets you make your own custom way to play through a Mega Man game. Choosing your own level order and earning these abilities with every victory give you a lot of power and gives you a legitimate feeling that you, the player, is growing stronger.

1.Kirby’s Copy Ability:


Kirby’s copy ability wasn’t added until its NES installment “Kirby’s Adventure” (which is coming out on the WiiU eshop soon for 30 cents). This new ability became a staple for a lot of more mainstream Kirby games. Using certain abilities to get to doors (most of those doors you don’t know its there until after you choose to deny the power or not), using powers you’re good at for beating enemies, experimenting with certain powers in levels you couldn’t find it, and making great level design surrounding the abilities. The copy ability gives a lot of dimension to kirby games as they help you choose how difficult or how easy you wanna make the game. They create a very fun and creative experience that you can only get from Kirby and that’s why I love it.

Thank you for reading and your support. I hope you’ll check out my videos on video game analyses and more on my youtube channel:


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