Geek Life: Something to say about the Okami Series

We all know how Capcom can be sometimes lets just get that out in the open, but in the end of the day Capcom has so many games that I absolutely love and adore. I am a huge mega fan (forgive the pun) of Mega Man, I heavily enjoyed the Viewtiful Joe Series, and they make some pretty mean fighters, whenever they work on a project I am always interested (even if it does become a disappointment in the end). However, there is one Capcom series that became one of my favorite franchises is the Okami series. A great game with a great concept, this game won me over in so many ways. Its Zelda-esque style with its many unique alterations, compelling characters and entertaining stories is something to behold. I have played the PS2 version of Okami, but despite soom poor tech translations I like the Wii version more, the motion control makes the experience less tedious than the analog stick. A touch screen also worked even better in the DS sequel Okamiden. I own the Wii Okami and the DS Okamiden, and I am hoping they will make some sort of sequel to come out, but at the same time I feel another game might tamper with the previous stories and stretch it out. If there was to be another sequel it would have to be treated with a lot of consideration, thought and care in order for it to work.


The Okami series centers itself around ancient Japan and Japanese mythology, but for us Westerners its genius writing allows for us to follow along just fine. Despite its heavy center on Japanese culture any gamer of any ethnicity can play and relate to the games writing. This along with its inspired gameplay ideas just won me over. I never thought I would go so far into this series when I was introduced to it. I was attracted to its idea of drawing special abilities such as spawn fire, ice, electricity, etc. It has such a cool and interesting form of combat/puzzle mechanic, the Celestial Brush. Also without spoiling anything, this game gave me moment that gave me such deep emotional thought that was close to that of The Mother/Earthbound series (and for me that is saying something). Okami now even has an HD remake for the PS3, and this is where I go to the point of this article…


I know the Okami fanbase isn’t at a Mario or even an Animal Crossing level, but I bluntly think its an injustice to not have the HD remake on the WiiU. I mean the gamepad would be the greatest thing for the game, I’m just going to flat out say this. You can always have the map of the areas out (and trust me I can tell you from experience that would be VERY helpful), the touch screen is just the best way to use the Celestial Brush, and there’s a possibility with a more free roam camera with the game pads Gyro (you could even possibly just point the touch screen on the TV and aim at a certain landscape to use a brush technique). On top of that this would have been BIG for Capcom. Think about it; this could have been out way before Wind Waker HD was even thought of. Therefore Capcom could’ve had the honor of making the first Nintendo HD remake (a huge selling point and a historical moment). There is simply no reason to not make this, after all it can still be the first 3rd party HD remake if it doesn’t come out before Wind Waker HD. This series has been getting the attention it deserved, and the HD remake is a testimony of that fact. At the last Comic Con I was there to look at demos, and the large amount of people looking at it. I took one of those Burger King like Okami Crowns and wore it all day, I even still have it on my shelf and once I a while I can admire a howling Amaterasu head.


I’m hoping for one day to have Miiverse let people make their own communities (with Nintendo’s approval of course), because I want to start (or join) something to spread the word; Okami/Nintendo Fans want a WiiU Okami! I simply can’t be the only one who feels this way, I’m not angry its on the PS3, its absolutely fair and justified on why its on the PS3 (after all it debuted on the PS2). However in my eyes this series is just as much a Nintendo franchise as it is respectfully a Sony franchise. I just want to share my thoughts on this because the WiiU’s been out for a while and I haven’t heard anything from Capcom. I don’t expect anything, but at leastI can try while talking about one of my most dearest franchises, but I digress. If you like adventure check out Okami, it’ll take you places. Thank you for reading and your support, I hope you’ll check out my videos on game analyses and more on my youtube channel:

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