GeekLife: Blogging I watched Iron Man 3


I got him on his knees with just a headbutt to his iron fist

If you’re following me on twitter you should know that I went to watch Iron Man 3, and if you know me a little then you know that I’m a big Marvel fan, but this movie wasn’t like the others simply because it was SO MUCH BETTER.

I don’t want to spoil it for those who didn’t watch it, but you have to know that this movie focuses more on Tony struggling to actually be a normal human while maintaining the fact that he can’t be one. It’s filled with drama, action, and some Robert Downey Jr. comedy we all know and love!

Since we’re sticking with the fact that I won’t talk to you about the movie, I will tell you to hurry and get your limited edition Iron Man 3 3D glasses.


Some call me dum, but as Mr. Robert says… don’t give a f****

I never thought Tony Stark would commit to a relationship (but he did), and though I still pick “Men should go solo” motto, he makes it look good, maybe not enough to put me in a committed relationship, but it’s close enough.  And dare I say it but I will, this drama makes Iron Man 3 stand on top of The Avengers (There! I said it).

All in all, the movie was great and though this is not a review, it gets one heck of 10!


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