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Microsoft Surface Tablet

No gamer can deny that the casual market left the common gaming industry for good, smartphones and tablets give them what they want, and we can’t deny that we need these quirky little devices too.

The casual audience was the main part of a company’s success simply because they are bigger, now that they are gone, all they have is the hardcore audience waiting for their movement to resume, and having 3 different platforms on the market (not to mention handhelds) isn’t doing us any favor.

It’s actually possible for tablet (not smartphone) manufacturers to attract gamers with easy little notes:

  • Get Physical Buttons like the D-pad and A,B,X,Y.
  • Make a market FOR GAMERS! Stuff that WE want to play, not some silly old Angry Bird killing a body-less pig, in better words I say… Offer us console-quality games which is impossible to accomplish without physical buttons.
  • Pricing (Enough said).

First of all, don’t you even think that I’ll play Street Fighter or any other fighting game without a D-Pad, and don’t you think I’ll play a shooter without a circle pad, or an analog. All these words doesn’t mean you should lose something as important as the touch screen because some games need it (Angry Birds and Subway Surfers), actually I would use the touch screen a lot, unless you’re telling me to move a touch screen analog or press it to slay the monster, I see many great iOS games failing me with that.

If what you read above happens then I would buy a tablet to game with no question, because that is the only way it’ll attract any gamer. You might tell me that there are tablet like that, but I take you back to the “Pricing” point, and right here, I rest my case.

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