GeekLife: Blogging School Project? Online Project!

Construct 2 Start Page Image

Last time my project turned into a “MoveThePaddle” game, it should have been the project I submit too and it was, and “was” is what I’ll be talking about now!

After showing the teacher my project, she said it’s good, but to smell the sent of pride & joy, I decided to ask her for another shot, a friend of mine introduced me to a little game engine called Construct 2, I went to the tutorial read 5 pages from the beginner’s manual and BAM! Got the basics so it’s time to roll.

Chef Edit fo a game

After hours of winging it and thinking of a bright way to make my event sheet shine, it was time to finish up on the characters, I couldn’t pick and I couldn’t draw so I got a .png image for non other than the star of Nintendo’s Game and Watch… Chef.

Of course this can be called stealing, but it’s not because I admit it, and I will change it when I need to, it’s a school project after all. To tell you the truth I’ll continue making the game this way and maybe release it someday, but all I have now is a little demo for people to play, and someday experience it as a full downloadable game.

Jumpon Chef Screenshot

What you see above is a part of the playable level in the game, of course I wouldn’t make a game already made, Chef was more of an arcade game, while this is a platformer and has a niche retro style (kind of).

I always hated a demo ending up quickly and being easy so I made it hard, maybe not too hard, but quit good. You might have noticed I put some enemies in it too, some move vertically, and some horizontally (I know you can’t see the movements), there will be more of them as the development proceeds

Enemy in game

Hopefully I’ll get more free time, especially this summer so I’ll add some more, hope you’ll support me through this, for more on the game as it comes keep it locked right here!

I would like to take the moment here to welcome our newest article writer @TheVGAB  who’s been keeping the website joyful and live with his articles. Make sure you read them!

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