Geek Life: The Year of Luigi… how interesting!

So the year of 2013 is the Year of Luigi, and I like it. Since I am going to analyse Luigi for my youtube channel this summer I will not be taking about Luigi as a character today. What I’ll be talking about is Luigi’s historical existence throughout the history of Nintendo. I also would like to share why I enjoy the Year of Luigi. Now in regards to the Mario Bros. I would just like to point out that I like Mario more than Luigi, but of course like many I too am a Luigi fan. He is truly everyone’s favorite little twin brother.


Luigi’s first appearance was in the popular Donkey Kong spin off arcade game, Mario Bros. (just Mario Bros.). I am going to reveal something hard to accept (I know it was for me), but Luigi was only created to have a player 2 available for this game. Luigi’s prime goal of creation was to have multi-player in the Mario Bros. game. As player 2 I find it is appropriate that Luigi is the younger brother, because who usually ended up being player 2? The younger sibling! Something to remember though is Luigi is the reason the Mario Bros. are the Mario Bros. You can’t put the word Bros. in without Luigi. From there his sideline supporting career has begun.

Throughout the entire Super Mario series up until the SNES Luigi remained strictly player 2. Throughout that time Luigi was an exact clone of Mario in regards to appearance. I mean it makes sense being that they’re twins, but it was sad because Luigi really got no character development within the game because of it, he was just the “green Mario.” In Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan) he did have different physics than Mario, making his version of the game harder; What I like about that is it actually does add character to Luigi, his higher (more out of control) jump and slippery traction suggests since he’s the younger one he is less in control and more possibly more fearful than his older brother. In Super Mario USA he did get a different look, but it really didn’t stick and it was only because the sprite he skinned over from Doki Doki Panic was already tall. However this and his high jump in that game set inspiration to make Luigi a little more interesting of a character. So in Super Mario World despite not having his different control physics, he now has a permanent new look that differs from Mario. This is one of the points I’ll make when I put up my Luigi analysis on youtube; what I like about Luigi’s design is he’s taller and thinner than Mario. What does this mean? Luigi literally looks like Mario’s shadow. Think about it, is a persons shadow not taller and thinner then them generally? Next time your shadow shows up at the right place and time take note of that.


Super Mario 64 came out and the question arises…  where is Luigi?! What happened was Luigi was intended to be in the game as a co-op multi-player character, but the N64’s primitive camera couldn’t perform such a task so Luigi was unfortunately scrapped (being that Luigi’s purpose is being player 2 every time Mario’s in a 1 player game [i.e. Super Mario RPG] Luigi doesn’t make an appearance in a 1 player Mario game until the Mario and Luigi RPG series). This moment really showed Luigi’s fanbase and showed the world that people do care about the famous player 2. People even frantically looked for a way to play as Luigi in Super Mario 64 and hopefully/foolishly believed every rumor on how to get him. During the N64 years Luigi ended up being in spin off series for a while. Even his version of Wario, Waluigi debuted in a spin off game and never left the spin off series (it seems Waluigi’s purpose was only to support Wario, how interesting).


Luigi’s big moment happened right at the launch of the Gamecube. Luigi’s Mansion  (originally a tech demo) became an ambitious launch title that despite being good had horrible reviews (because it was different!). Now it is well received and I am eagerly awaiting its sequel, it fully set Luigi’s character, and Luigi finally got past being the “green Mario.” It all lead to today where Luigi got bigger roles than just player 2. His own franchise, co-op play (New Super Mario Bros. Series), a whole new adventure after 100% the other (Mario Galaxy), bigger roles in games (i.e. Super Paper Mario), and  his own distinguishable character.

So why do I love the Year of Luigi? Because Luigi deserves it. After his long struggle of being more important to the series and getting his own character all leads up to this! A whole year of cool games revolving around Luigi, like Dark Moon and the new Mario and Luigi game: Dream Team. Luigi got his own Nintendo Land attraction too. Luigi is Luigi, not “green Mario,” lets rejoice about that! Lets dedicate a whole year to someone who will appreciate the attention. Show Luigi you care, after all its not the Mario BROS. without Luigi! Thank you for reading and your support, I hope you’ll check out my videos on game analyses and more on my youtube channel:

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