Geek Life: Cartoon Reviews – Robot and Monster

So I’m sure many people have probably never heard of this new show on Nickelodeon, and for those that have I’m sure they are saying it sucks because its a new cartoon and for some reason that means it’s automatically bad. I’ve been watching this show lately and I’ve grown to really enjoy the show in a very short amount of time and that’s why I’ve chosen to review this show today.


Now the show to me is very reminiscent of CatDog (one of my favorite cartoons of all time), and I can tell there is a lot of inspiration from that show like many cartoons revolving around best friends. The world within this show is just as the title would suggest is a world inhabited by Robots and Monsters. This seems like a world a child would come up with and it delivers with whimsical charm and a great believability to it regarding community, social norms, and imaginative citizens. The show’s setting has a very well structured community to hold its very dynamic characters.


The two main characters are inseparable best pals, Robot and Monster.  These two live together, they work together, and they spend every day together getting themselves in crazy shenanigans. What I love about this show most of all is Robot; you see Robot works along side with Monster in a blinking light factory and their job consists of watching for bad lights (a very mundane job). The catch is that factory belongs to Robot’s family, his family are known as great aristocratic inventors. Robot is treated as a black sheep of the family as he holds an average lifestyle and hasn’t shown much promise to them. Robot looks for his family’s approval and as the show goes on he learns more that he should be happy with who he is and be more content with himself. Slowly he stops trying to achieve his goals as an inventor to make his family happy, and more because he wants to have fulfillment in his life and have his dreams come true. He always gets pushed down, made fun of, and rejected (except by his best friend), but that doesn’t stop him from trying to get ahead in life and earn respect. He is to me definitely the most well written and most believable character in the show.


Monster is pretty much the opposite of Robot, he has acceptance and love from many people and is known as the happiest guy in town. He is fully content in where he is in life and is a very supportive person. The most simplistic way to describe it is Robot is an extreme view of a pessimist and Monster is an extreme view of an optimist. He has a lot of innocence, can be naive, and isn’t all that bright. Even though these two characters are opposites, what makes them best friends is that they need each other in the world they live in. They each keep each other in check and they appreciate one another greatly for it. Monster helps Robot look at that bright side in life, many times he helps Robot learn new things in life and is the only person that really supports and cares for Robot and his dreams. Robot helps Monster take things in perspective, Monster can be very naive at times and Robot is always there to keep him from getting in trouble or setting himself up for failure. The best part of this show (which is how the duo gets into their adventures) are the other characters in this world. There is also a great supporting group of characters that add a lot of color to the world the show takes place in, but I won’t spoil that for you. I didn’t know what to expect when I first gave it a chance and its no masterpiece, but its definitely enjoyable and a very fun, well written cartoon. If you haven’t seen it yet give it a shot. Thank you for reading and your support, I hope you check out my videos on game analyses and more on my youtube channel:


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