GeekLife: A Look back At Pokémania

ImageI wanna be the very best that … finish my sentence yet? Just to let you know as I type this article I am wearing my Pokémon official hat (a.k.a Ash’s hat; which is the original hat Ash worn in the anime), because today I wanna take some time in remembering Pokémania. Talking with a friend last week about Pokémon, one part I remember of that conversation is when we talked about telling more recent Pokémon fans that in the beginning there was only 150 of them. This would blow the new Pokéfans’ minds, and while long time fans like myself would roll our eyes at that reaction it is great to hear, because the word Pokémon is still a household name. Pokémon may not be as popular as it was, but it still is a well known house hold name. When BrainScratchCommentaries was doing a playthrough of Wario World for the Gamecube, they made a statement that was interesting to me even though they were making a joke. They were talking about Twilight and they mentioned how people called Pokémon a fad, while Twilight would last forever and now its the opposite; now Twilight is dying down in people’s minds and the release of Pokémon Black/White 2 is a huge success. Pokémon even during its darkest days never escaped people’s minds, but back when it started up it was the biggest thing I can think of. We even have a name for this past massive worldwide popularity, and that name is Pokémania.


The first time I ever heard of Pokémon was in the 1st grade. I was with my friends and they were talking about this new Kids WB 11 show, Pokémon. So naturally I saw it for myself, and a few episodes later I was hooked. That Christmas I was given a Gameboy Color, and my grandparents a few months later brought me to Toys r Us to get a new game for my birthday. There in the display I saw Red Version and the rest was history. My personal experience with Pokémon was a glorious one, it is one of the corner stones to my childhood and I’m sure people around my age can agree with me. I collected them all, the games, the cards, the figures, the VHS tapes, the toys, and ofcourse I had my own Pokédex. To this day I still keep up with the franchise, I plan on getting White 2  and Pokémon Y as soon as possible. As time went on I may have put less focus on my Pokéfandom, but I still keep Pokémon in my mind and gaming life, its just a community that has no end in sight (despite what people like PETA would say).


Little did I know when I was in the middle of it all, Pokémania hit the whole world. Everybody was fascinted by the whole world of Pokémon. It has one of the simplest gameplay mechanics out of any RPG (despite that simplicity being computed by complex processes), and with that simplicity it created a very unique gameplay style along with a unique universe. The kind of universe where a person of any age can enjoy and for different reasons. Its even said to be loved by gamers who don’t like RPGs … go figure. Pokémon up until gen 3 was the biggest thing out there, and it was the talk of every playground around. By gen 3 for reasons I never understood Pokémania died down incredibly. Saying you played Pokémon became childish then, but that was all resolved by the gameplay improvments of gen 4 (even though honestly it is my least favorite gen in the series). Pokémania will never be what it was, but seeing fans beg for a gen 3 remake (the same game no one was interested in anymore) shows the Pokémon is certianly not down for the count. Currently I am playing White, Yellow, Crystal and saving for White 2.


Its great to remember how a franchise began. It helps you appreciate the continuing work of those responsible for the great memories that are further enhanced each time. I’m hearing great things about Black and White 2, and I look forward to playing it. As a long time Pokéfan I am proud to be there since the beginning. As a fan of Nintendo I have a lot of beloved franchises that started before I was born, Pokémon was a franchise I can say I grew up with. Never forget the roots of your beloved franchises and never give up on those franchises. Pokémania was something no one ever imagined, it was a little game that could that exploded into a lifestyle. Thank you for reading and your support. I hope you’ll check out my videos on video game analyses and more at my youtube channel:

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