GeekLife: We Want You!

Geeklife grafiti metal


Hello everyone, I want to take the moment and ask you something you might’ve understood after reading the title because I know how smart you are! Now that the popularity of our GeekLife kingdom is growing I decided to open the gates and ask you to join this lovely place.

That is right, I’m asking you to join the square of blogging at this district. Can you type stuff? Are you good at it? Congratulation you made the 1st cut. To move on, we need any help we can get, so if you have ANYTHING you can share, whether it’s games, movies, life, music… Even your daily life, it would be awesome!

If you would like to, please send me a message at, while you’re at it follow our official twitter timeline @nGeekLife. Please include what you want to talk about, and how often will you be able to post. We’ll take it from there, besides, we don’t bite! Just ask eyeless Lesly!

Everyone can join, don’t be shy lad, did you even read our slogan?

Always Together.Geeks Forever

Anyway thanks for reading everyone, I hope you’ll sign up (we only pay in bites, especially if you’re a vampire), oh by the way, a new soldier just joined our lovely Kingdom, he is to be called… Majd (I love being a Geek!). This guy takes care of photoshop effects for images like the one you see above, not to mention the fact that he’s making a logo for us too!

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